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A Suite of Audit Management Solutions

Automate internal and external risk auditing processes with ComplianceBridge. Collaborate, build question sets, manage respondents, analyze and report on data in real-time.

Extensive Audit Creation
Build risk audits to meet your specific needs. Long or short. Complex or simple. Collaborate with your experts to create the right question sets.

Targeted Distribution
Send to specific individuals, groups and distribution lists. Assign particular questions and sections to your subject matter experts for higher-quality responses.

Real-Time Audit Analysis
As recipients answer questions, you can monitor results as they come in, anywhere and anytime. Automatically collate and analyze data.

Risk Audit
Risk Audit

Take a Comprehensive Auditing Approach

ComplianceBridge Risk Audit Management software brings all of your audit procedures and processes into one, cloud-based location. Save time, become more organized and improve your analysis for every audit. We offer a powerful, low-price audit solution!

Automated Workflow
Efficiently carry out all steps of your auditing process from planning and creating audit assessments to collecting and analyzing data for reports and presentations.

All-in-One Solution
Work on a consistent interface with complete historical record of audit activities. Question creation, distribution and audit reporting all managed in one accessible location.

Hardware & Hassle Free
No IT infrastructure. No installation. No software updates. No configuration. Totally hassle free. Connect from any device anywhere any time.

See It in Action

  • Risk Audit

    Build Risk Assessment

  • Risk Audit

    Answer Risk Assessment

  • Risk Audit

    Risk Dashboard

  • Risk Audit

    Flexible Testing

Full-Featured Audit Management Software at an Affordable Price

  • Customizable Risk Audits

    Develop risk audits to meet your own unique needs. Use a variety of question types: multiple choice, rating scale, yes/no and fill-in questions. Create conditional questions and weight questions for a better quantitative analysis.

  • Data Visualization Tools

    Review responses as they come in. Drill down to see how respondents answered each question. Intuitively display results and export them for further analysis in other applications and use in audit reports.

  • Workflow Staging

    Streamline the creation and distribution of audits. Collaborate on the development of question sets. Distribute to the appropriate respondents and track incoming results. Notifications, reminders and escalations move the process along.

  • Audit Trails

    ComplianceBridge maintains a complete historical record of your auditing efforts. Question sets, distribution history, responses and audit reporting are all easily accessible.

  • Notifications and Reminders

    Reminders and notifications will keep you and those you’re assessing up to date throughout the process. Schedule reminders and notifications to escalate to keep audits on track.

  • Graphical Dashboards

    Quickly and easily view all aspects of your auditing activities. Oversee the status of audits still in development, review distribution efforts and follow results as they come in all from detailed, customizable dashboards.

  • Central Repository

    Keep all audit material for your business in a centralized, secure location. Organize all documentation within a flexible system.

  • Sub-Audit Assignments

    Choose respondents based on your unique requirements. Assign individuals, groups or distribution lists to questions, sections or whole audits. Leverage your experts.

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