Audit Management Software from ComplianceBridge

Complete Risk Audits in 5 Steps

A Comprehensive Audit Management Solution

Manage every aspect of your internal and external audits with one cloud-based software solution. Automate the process for increased efficiency.

Extensive Audit Creation
Collaborate with subject matter experts to create the right question sets. Long, short, simple, or complex. Build risk audits to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Automated Workflow
Automate every step of the auditing process, from planning audit assessments to collecting and analyzing data for reports and presentations.

All-in-One Solution
Create, distribute, track, and manage risk audits on one easy-to-use platform. Work on a consistent interface with a complete historical record of audit activities.

Risk Audit
Risk Audit

Easily Improve Your Auditing Approach

ComplianceBridge offers features to meet the need of any organization, big or small. Save time, increase organization, and improve your analysis for every audit you conduct.

Targeted Distribution
Define who receives audit assessments and data – individuals, groups, or the entire organization. Assign specific questions and sections to subject matter experts for higher-quality responses.

Real-Time Audit Analysis
Monitor results as they come in. See how individual questions have been answered before the audit is even complete. Automatically collect data for analysis.

Delegate Questions to Other Users
Users can reassign questions and delegate responsibility to others. All activities are automatically tracked, including their revisions and updates to audit parameters.

Feature-Packed Audit Management Software at an Affordable Price

  • Customizable Risk Audits

    Meet your organization’s unique needs with a variety of question types – multiple-choice, rating scale, yes/no, and fill-in-the-blank. Create conditional questions and weigh questions for better analysis.

  • Data Visualization Tools

    Intuitively display results as they come in. Evaluate how respondents answered each question. Export the results for use in audit reports or further analysis in other applications.

  • Workflow Staging

    Streamline the creation, distribution, and tracking of audits. Collaborate on the development of question sets. Notifications, reminders, and escalations increase efficiency.

  • Audit Trails

    Automatically save and record a complete historical record of your auditing process. Easily access question sets, distribution history, responses, and audit reporting.

  • Notifications and Reminders

    Keep you and those you’re assessing up to date with automatic reminders and notifications. Ensure audits stay on track by scheduling notifications and reminders to escalate.

  • Graphical Dashboards

    Easily view every aspect of your auditing process. Oversee the status of audits, review distribution efforts, and track results as they come in from detailed, customizable dashboards.

  • Central Repository

    Keep documentation organized in a flexible system. Store all audit material in one centralized, secure location accessible from anywhere with internet connection.

  • Sub-Audit Assignments

    Choose the appropriate respondent based on your unique requirements. Assign single questions, sections, or entire audits to individuals, departments, or distribution lists.

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