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Certification tracking software

Robust, Easy-to-Use Certification Tracking Software

Whether you work in healthcare, education, manufacturing or a myriad of other industries, maintaining current credentials is a critical factor in ensuring compliance. ComplianceBridge Certification Tracking makes the process simple, managing expirations and giving you a secure place to organize them.

Consolidate Certifications

Fully manage employee certifications and requirements. Facilitate and maintain compliance with regulations through our certification tracking software.

Oversee all Information
Store, schedule reminders, assign actions to required parties and report on your compliance obligations. Bring all of your management tasks into one, secure system.

Upload New Certificates
Upload and index all certificates and licenses. Set preferences for each. Archive all documents in a lifetime archive.

Schedule Reviews
Notify administrators and employees when certificates are approaching their expiration dates. Determine how much advance notice to give. Never risk noncompliance due to expiration again.

Certification Tracking
Certification Tracking

Automate Your Tracking Activities

No longer will administrators be required to manually monitor the licensing requirements across all areas of your organization or company. Collect, organize and store all certificates securely. Access and update at any time, anywhere. Reminders let affected parties know when it’s time to renew. Never worry about noncompliance or loss of coverage again. 

Control Access
With layered security, you can control access within your organization. Your users will only be able to access their own certificates.

Stay Up-to-Date
Maintain the most current version of each certificate while keeping a history of all past versions. Reminders alert you when it’s time for renewal.

Verify Certification
With an easily accessible repository, quickly retrieve and communicate the status of certifications. Let all parties, both internally or externally, know requirements have been met.

Certification Tracking Software at an Affordable Price

  • Dynamic Organization

    Organize your certificates by user, department or document type such as permits, licenses, insurance policies, etc. Include subgroups to delineate between years or issuances.

  • Layered Security

    A flexible grouping structure allows you to layer access and control who within your organization will be able to view each certificate. Users will only be able to view their own documentation.

  • Proactive Administration

    Via ComplianceBridge Intelligent Forms, request the required certificates and documentation from employees on a scheduled basis. Collect and organize for easy reference later.

  • Version Control

    Our system maintains the most current version of each certificate and shows the latest one by default. Automated reminders will alert you when items are near expiration and require renewal.

  • Limitless Archive

    Save all certificates in a lifetime archive. While the most current version will always be shown, you will have access to the full history of certifications for your organization.

  • Notifications and Reminders

    Stay on top of certificate tracking and management. Receive notifications when new documentation has been uploaded by employees or other users. Reminders keep the process moving along smoothly, alerting you of upcoming expirations.

  • Searchable System

    Keep all of your certificates for your organization in a centralized, secure location. Organize all documentation within a flexible system. Six metadata fields allow for robust characterization and organization. Create instructions for acknowledgment or rejection.

  • Automated Oversight

    Our certification tracking software handles all aspects of your organization’s continued compliance. Be automatically updated of status changes and completed tasks.

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