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Cloud-based manufacturing procedure management software

Procedure management software help manufacturers improve safety and quality by clearly communicating government regulations and industry standards. Cloud-based policy and procedure management enforces the workflow from creation to distribution, testing and certification. Compliance officers and managers can easily identify problems in understanding and compliance.

Improving Safety

Safety-Kleen adopted cloud-based procedure management software to reduce operational risks associated with running a complex manufacturing facility. Each plant employee now has access to all policies and procedures relevant to their job.  The simple user interface makes it easy to use, even for employees with limited computer proficiency. Testing and certification for each document is recorded and available to management, enabling them to prove compliance and assess risk. This capability closes the loop, ensuring that each employee understands the policies and procedures that govern their job. The system is used in several plants. Read the case study.

Quality Assurance

Manufacturers are held to high standards of quality, both in the final product and the process. Digital policy and procedure management helps ensure that standards are met by connecting employees to the documents they need to do their jobs. Safety guidelines, ISO rules, and manufacturing procedures are all available from any Internet-connected device. Notifications are automatically sent when new and updated documents are published.


Tests verify comprehension, and employees can then reject, comment or provide a digital signature. Additional notifications go to those who have not opened, viewed and acknowledged documents, and these notices can be escalated to management. This process provides accountability and an audit trail for quality assurance programs.

Stop the Paper Chase

There are too many moving parts in a manufacturing organization to rely on paper-based systems. With ComplianceBridge, all policies and procedures move online into a secure environment that can be accessed anywhere in the plant, business office or elsewhere. Employees instantly access documents relevant to them and managers know that everyone has the most up-to-date information. Safety officers and other compliance managers can identify those employees who have not passed tests, taken surveys or accepted documents assigned to them. This transparency enables the organization to respond quickly when document changes are distributed.

ComplianceBridge procedure management software makes it easy to manage critical documents, policies and procedures necessary for your manufacturing organization. Gain more insight and control of your business operations. Improve productivity and stop chasing paper.

  1. 1

    Commitment to Quality.

    Give employees access to the latest documents they need for their job. Meet industry standards for quality.

  2. 2

    Universal Access.

    Make it easy for anyone to get the information they need. Simple sign on. Automatic notifications. Easy user interface.

  3. 3

    Safe and Secure.

    Keep the workplace safe and document details secure. Stay up-to-date and safeguard user comments, tests, and compliance statistics. Be ready for audits and inspections.

The greatest value that ComplianceBridge has delivered for us is the capability of testing plant employee knowledge of current policies and procedures, who has taken and passed the on-line tests. This capability closes the loop ensuring that all employees have access to the current polices and procedures and every employee has passed their appropriate tests, possessing a full understanding of the policies and procedures they are responsible for in their role and responsibilities within the plant. Additionally, ComplianceBridge has addressed a glaring training requirement.

Plant Manager, East Chicago Indiana, Safety-Kleen

ComplianceBridge is truly a high-value product. It is easy to use and to deploy. We most certainly would recommend [the product] for those organizations who need to ensure that their policies and procedures are effectively disseminated and understood organization-wide.

Plant Manager, East Chicago Indiana, Safety-Kleen

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