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Public Safety

Efficient, life-time public safety policy and procedure manual software

Police and fire departments,  emergency management, and other public welfare and safety agencies create and manage large volumes of policies and procedures that must be immediately available to public safety officers. Public welfare may depend on it. Police officers, fire officials, EMTs and other first responders have an urgent need to know what can and should be done. They need to prove compliance when called to court. They must have confidence that they are operating from the current rule book.

Certainty in Police Work

Everyone from officers on the street to the police chief must have a common understanding of policies and procedures to be an effective force. The Lowell Massachusetts Police Department ensures this common understanding by providing easy access to all policies and procedures and tracking compliance metrics like test results and signoff through ComplianceBridge policy and procedure manual software.

As soon as policies and procedures change, everyone affected is notified and can access this new information from any smart device. Compliance officers view test results and acceptance metrics in real-time to identify any potential problems. Front-line police personnel always have immediate access to current policies and procedures. Older versions are also available, making it easy to see what rules were in place when an incident occurred. This can be crucial in court cases.

The Lowell Police Department takes every opportunity to promote this level of policy and procedure management to other law enforcement agencies. It is a simple change that delivers much needed certainty in police work. Read the Case Study.

9-1-1 Call Center Digital Paper Trail

Bonner 9-1-1, an emergency call center in Idaho, created a digital paper trail for their standard operating procedures (SOPs). Taking their policies and procedures management into the cloud, the organization now can automatically send SOPs to employees, test their understanding with a quiz, and require digital signoff. SOPs are available 24/7 via any smartphone, tablet or computer. Automatic reminders spur compliance managers when revisions are required.

Immediate access to the latest SOPs can be a matter of life and death in a 9-1-1 situation. Now SOPs are available instantly and are sure to be the latest information. Read the Case Study.

Speed Saves

Public safety responsibility is spread over many agencies and departments. Ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need is no easy task. Online policies and procedures management enables fast revision, distribution and compliance. Notifications can be targeted to specific individuals or groups. Metrics reveal who has reviewed and accepted what. Paper documents and physical signature collection are eliminated.

Our policy and procedure manual software saves time, avoids unnecessary litigation, conveys confidence and serves the greater good.

  1. 1

    Prove policy compliance.

    Ensure safety officers go to court with proof of compliance with policy in force at the time of incident.

  2. 2

    Full officer briefing.

    Keep everyone up-to-date on the latest policies and procedures. Test for understanding. Track acceptance.

  3. 3

    Assess risk.

    Create a digital paper trail. Conduct audits and assessments to identify risk. Measure mitigation success.

If there is something that you would like the software to do, they are very open to hearing the suggestion and making changes to the software. I have even made a couple of suggestions for the software and they were implemented within a few days. You really can't go wrong.

Supervisor, Bonner 9-1-1

ComplianceBridge simply works, it does everything it is advertised to do, designed in a way that couldn't be more intuitive to access from an end-user perspective or easier to implement from an IT perspective. It has been so successful here, we take every opportunity to promote the application to other police departments we interact with.

Information Technology Director, Lowell Police Department

We truly believe that ComplianceBridge should be a staple in every law enforcement organization across the United States and even globally, as it truly provides a much needed solution to the challenges facing law enforcement officials everywhere.

Information Technology Director, Lowell Police Department

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