Who Benefits From Policy and Procedure Software? You Do.
  • Healthcare

    Physicians, healthcare workers and administrative staff need fast access to the latest policies and procedures. Risk auditors need evidence that documents and patient data are secure. ComplianceBridge meets these demands.

  • Risk Assessment

    There is no bad risk, only bad risk management. Assess your risks quantitatively and qualitatively. ComplianceBridge provides a framework for collaborative, weighted, real-time risk assessment.

  • Public Safety

    Emergency management, law enforcement, fire departments, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) all need fast access to policies and procedures. They need to understand risk. ComplianceBridge ensures that public safety officers work from the current rule book.

  • Local Government

    Policy and procedure software built for municipalities and local governments. ComplianceBridge keeps overhead down with streamlined review, approval and distribution in the cloud.

  • Higher Education

    Universities manage policies and procedures across constituencies, departments and campuses. They publish student handbooks, faculty and staff policy, curriculum, event notices and forms. ComplianceBridge ensures efficiency and coordination.

  • Manufacturing

    Safety and quality both rely on clear communication of current policies and procedures. Risk must be understood. ComplianceBridge creates a secure online environment for policy management and risk assessment.

  • IT & IS

    Data security is the critical task of IT. Employees must follow policies and procedures or security will be breeched. Risk is inherent. ComplianceBridge streamlines policy compliance and risk assessment. Risk is reduced.

  • Human Resources

    Different job functions and locations are governed by different rules and policies. ComplianceBridge ensures that each employee gets the current policy documents for their role in a timely manner.

  • Legal

    Legislation and regulation present big legal risks. Keep your policy framework up-to-date. ComplianceBridge provides comprehensive policy and procedure management.

  • Financial Services

    Banks, financial planners, insurance groups and other financial institutions must prove compliance with industry regulators and ever changing federal laws . Risk assessment is standard practice. ComplianceBridge reduces the resource burden and lends agility to the process.

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