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Leading organizations worldwide have relied on ComplianceBridge™ to engineer software solutions tailored for policy management, risk mitigation, and conflict of interest identification for over two decades.

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Quick to Onboard, Easy to Administrate, Tailored to Your Needs

As Silicon Valley IT security software engineers, we saw the need to automate the policy and procedure, risk audit, and assessment management processes. So, we designed a comprehensive, cloud-based software that’s easy to learn, quick to onboard, simple to use, and cost-effective to implement to your way of doing business. With ComplianceBridge, you can tailor the features to fit any workflow, customize the website portals to match your own site, and much more.

Policy & Procedure Management

We engineered the most comprehensive management of the entire policy and procedure lifecycle. Simplified and tailored to your business needs, with automation designed into your workflow processes to ensure approval moves quicker and compliance at every stage.

Watch Real-Time Dashboard Metrics
Review your dashboard metrics in real time to make faster, more informed decisions. While knowing you have audit proof acknowledgment and attestation.

Create, Revise, and Approve Policies From Anywhere
Collaborate, red line, and get approvals on one central document through our Microsoft 365, Google Docs, and HTML Editor.

Enhance Collaboration with Customizable Workflows
Create, Copy, Edit, and Save adaptable workflows for various groups. Automate reminders to revise policies with approval notifications.

Streamline Policy Publication and Control Distribution
Set automated controls when publishing policies from a centralized document management system (DMS) to multiple groups simultaneously.


Conflict of Interest Management Software

Throw away spreadsheets, tracking emails, and human error. For a low annual subscription, maintain employee disclosures in one easy-to-use platform and mitigate the risk of conflict at every level of your organization.

View Your Dashboard Real-Time Results
Watch your dashboard for compliance metrics. Drill down to respondents’ responses even before they have been submitted. Watch automated reminders speed results.

Create Questions Quickly and Weigh Compliance Levels
It takes a minute to create a question. Use a variety of response types and conditional questions to get details. Score each question from 1-10 to prioritize compliance issues.

Adaptable Question Sets With Controlled Distribution
Develop a question set for one group, save, copy, and make minor revisions tailored to another group or location. Automate publishing to multiple groups simultaneously.

Proof of Due Diligence with Audit Trails
Question sets, disclosure history, and responses are recorded and accessible for simplified auditing in your document management system (DMS).

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