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Administer Integrity with Ethics and Compliance Software for Social Services Organizations

Social service organizations often work with the most vulnerable populations – at-risk youth, seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, minorities – and are dedicated to solving some of our most persistent social problems – poverty, addiction, homelessness, healthcare. For organizations working in such vital areas, compliance should always be a top priority.

To ensure the well-being and success of both those they service and employees, effective risk and compliance management is a must for compliance managers of social services organizations. There are many aspects to consider including proper licensing of case workers, client or patient privacy, human resources management, monetary and in-kind contributions and more. All documents must be secure, up-to-date, well-understood and affirmed by all. Meet these challenges through online ethics and compliance software.

Cultivate Transparency and Compliance

Whether you provide substance abuse treatment, children and family assistance, occupational job training, education services, community-based research or a long list of other programs and services that fall under the umbrella of social services, coordinating a strong yet cost-effective compliance program is a difficult accomplishment.

Through ComplianceBridge’s suite of risk and policy and procedure management products, proactively address vulnerabilities at all levels of your organization and demonstrate your commitment to proper conduct and due diligence. Manage all areas of your compliance and ethics program.

Communicate policies and procedures with staff and volunteers, prevent or resolve misconduct with regular risk assessments, respond transparently to compliance issues and keep board members and stakeholders up-to-date on your efforts.

Policy Creation and Communication

With the help of ComplianceBridge, successfully communicate your mission and vision through a consistent policy library accessible to all employees and volunteers. Stakeholders work together on a central document. Templating and approval workflows ensure the best version of your policies and procedures will be released to recipients. Target individuals, departments or lists for distribution. Policy quizzes prove comprehension of the material and amend your efforts to ensure compliance. Reminders encourage uptake. All policies and procedures will be organized in your policy library for easy reference. Staff and volunteers will only have access to what is permitted.

A Culture of Risk-Awareness

Risks can originate from a host of sources, especially when dealing with sensitive populations or issues. Part of a productive ethics and compliance program is cultivating a risk-aware culture among your staff, especially managers and supervisors. ComplianceBridge Risk helps you create custom assessments utilizing several different question types including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, yes/no, risk rating and short answers. Targeted distribution allows you to leverage your experts and receive the most informed datasets. Through analysis of results, identify risks and determine your plan of action to mitigate their influence. Ensure that you comply with industry regulations as well as grant and funding requirements.

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    Cloud-Based Infrastructure

    Live the mission of your organization anywhere. Policies and procedures are archived in a cloud-based location accessible from any device. No hardware or IT support needed to maintain ComplianceBridge.

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    Real-Time Reporting

    Oversee the assessment process with detailed graphical screens. Follow results in real-time. Review answers in great detail. Build custom reports and export data for further analysis or presentation.

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    Organizational Audit Readiness

    Retain previous versions. Create and administer assessments. Schedule automatic reviews. Track policy and procedure compliance metrics. Generate audit reports.

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