Powerful Risk Assessment Software from ComplianceBridge

Complete Risk Assessments in 5 Steps

A Simplified Risk Assessment Management Solution

Save time by addressing risk audits with increased efficiencies, in-depth reporting tools, and customization features to fit the needs of any organization.

All-in-One Solution
Work on a consistent interface with a complete historical record of assessment activities. Create, distribute, track, and manage risk audits and assessments on one accessible platform.

Targeted Distribution
Users can define exactly who needs to receive assessments or assessment data. Automated notifications go to individuals, groups and departments, or the entire organization.

Real-Time Audit Analysis
See how individual questions have been answered before the respondent has even completed the assessment. Data is gathered into segmented graphic displays you select on your dashboard.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

Tailor Your Risk Assessment Process to Your Needs

Give risk managers the freedom to fully customize question sets for respondents. Utilize various question types, weigh questions for more accurate scoring, and apply conditional logic.

Customizable Risk Assessments
Assessments can be built using a template or completely from scratch. Questions can be weighted for numerical analysis. Size and complexity of assessments are easily managed.

Extensive Audit Creation
Collaborate with your experts to create the right question sets. Build risk assessments to meet your specific needs. Long, short, simple, or complex.

Delegate Questions to Other Users
Users have the ability to reassign questions. When they delegate responsibility to others, all activities are automatically tracked, including their revisions and updates to assessment parameters.

Feature-Rich Risk Assessment Software at an Affordable Price

  • Automated Workflow

    Automate every step of your assessment process, from collaboratively building assessments to collecting and analyzing data for reports and presentations.

  • Workflow Staging

    Streamline the creation and distribution of risk assessments. Collaborate with your experts when building question sets. Notifications, reminders, and escalations increase efficiency.

  • Audit Trails

    All aspects of the risk management process (question sets, distribution history, responses, and reporting) are saved, recorded, and easily accessible for simplified auditing.

  • Data Visualization Tools

    Intuitively display results as they come in. Evaluate how respondents answered each question. Export the results to use in reports or for further analysis in other applications.

  • Graphical Dashboards

    Easily view every aspect of your assessment activities. Oversee the status of assessments, review distribution efforts, and track results from detailed, customizable dashboards.

  • Notifications and Reminders

    Stay up to date throughout the process with automatic reminders and notifications. Escalate notifications and reminders to keep risk assessments on track.

  • Central Repository

    Store all assessment material in one centralized, secure location. Organize documentation, create and save distribution lists, and duplicate and edit existing assessments for later use.

  • Sub-Audit Assignments

    Choose the appropriate respondent based on your unique requirements. Assign single questions, sections, or whole assessments to individuals, departments, or distribution lists.

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