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Building a bridge between higher ed and compliance

Managing policies and procedures for an entire campus, much less a multi-campus system is a big task. Coordination between departments can be difficult, causing inefficiencies for everyone. With online policy and procedure management, much of the coordination can be automated.

ComplianceBridge™ is the best policy management software for universities and colleges, automating the policy lifecycle for all of your policies and procedures. On our platform, stakeholders across the institution are able to work together to draft and revise new policies. To streamline the often complex review process in higher ed, ComplianceBridge enables users to create and save automated workflows they can re-use to quickly gather feedback. Once approved, it only takes one click to publish a new policy to your public portal, making it easily accessible on the web for anyone who needs it at anytime. 

Collaborative, centralized policy creation

Writing a policy can be time-consuming, involving several subject matter experts and numerous versions.  When you build your policy in ComplianceBridge, you’ll be able to streamline and centralize communication. Everyone will be able to access and collaborate on the same policy draft, offering their suggestions and feedback. You’ll also be able to create and save policy templates and template components for reuse in the future, ensuring policies always have a consistent look and feel. 

Complex workflows, streamlined

Developing new policies requires navigating workflows containing a diverse group of stakeholders and several comment periods before formal approval can be granted. Rather than coordinating all of this communication through confusing email threads, ComplianceBridge manages it for you. 

You’re able to create review and approval workflows and save them for future use. Once initiated, ComplianceBridge takes care of the rest, automatically moving policy drafts through the workflow for you. Notifications keep everyone informed throughout the process as changes are made, and automated reminders ensure no one misses their opportunity to review and approve. All of this activity will be logged in our system, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it on your own. 

Share policies with the university community and beyond

For universities and colleges, there has long been a gap between publishing and disseminating policies, creating a bottleneck that delays policy efforts. This is especially problematic because in higher ed, it’s important that certain policies and procedures are broadly available to current and potential students, faculty, staff, donors, and members of the public. 

By utilizing our public web portal, campus policy officers are able to solve a persistent problem in their policy management efforts. You can even customize your web portal to align with your institution’s branding and colors. Users will never know the difference between your marketing site and your policy portal.

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    Central Policy Library

    Save all current and past versions of policies in one place. Version stacking ensures you always see the latest published policy draft.

  2. 2

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Create and edit policy drafts in a format you’re already familiar with. You can even convert Word documents to HTML or vice versa.

  3. 3

    SMS Messages

    During a rapidly changing situation, use ComplianceBridge to disseminate policies to the campus community via text message.

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