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Coordinated education document management solution

Managing policies and procedures for an entire campus is a big task. Coordination between departments can be difficult, causing inefficiencies for everyone. With online policies and procedures management, much of the coordination can be automatic.

ComplianceBridgeâ„¢ document management solution automates document lifecycle and compliance monitoring for all educational documents. Common examples include student bulletins, curriculum, event notices, staff policies and procedures, sports team documents and authorization forms.

Set up groups of faculty departments, classes, student groups, and more. Manage and track all school-related for distribution to faculty and students.

Policies, forms and notifications

Documents and forms are commonplace in education. They must be distributed to the right students, staff and parents. Tracking them for compliance is intensely time-consuming when done manually. Online policies and procedures management greatly simplifies the process for everyone.

With our document management solution, documents are instantly distributed to targeted groups, which may include students, multiple parent/guardians and staff. Documents requiring signature are tightly controlled and easily monitored for 100% compliance.

Recipients can sign documents digitally, eliminating paper distribution, collection and filing. Real-time reporting makes it easy to identify non-compliance, quickly follow up, and escalate to attain 100% compliance.

Coordinated messages

Send informational messages as email or text to groups defined major, class, sport or other criteria. Get the word out quickly about upcoming events, schedule changes and emergencies.

Collect student, staff and parent information online. Build and distribute questionnaires to gain insight into your community.

  1. 1

    Student Authorizations.

    Distribute the latest forms, handbooks and questionnaires to target groups. Review feedback. Monitor compliance.

  2. 2

    Staff Efficiency.

    Fast document revision process. Easy notifications to staff and students. Quick policies and procedures review and acceptance process.

  3. 3

    Coordinated Programs.

    Naturally coordinate activity through online policies and procedures management. Questions are asked once. Answers are used where needed. Coordination reduces risk and error.

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