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Managing policies and procedures presents serious challenges for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Physicians and healthcare workers need quick, easy access to policies and procedures that affect them.

Compliance officers must ensure that constantly changing rules and regulations are updated and communicated across the organization. Auditors require evidence that documents are secure, up-to-date, well-understood and affirmed by all. Meet these challenges through online policy and procedure management.


Easy access to current policies and procedures saves time, money and lives in the hospital and clinic environment. Online policy and procedure management gives everyone fast access to documents they need. Powerful search finds relevant documents for quick reference. Push notifications flag the latest changes relevant to each individual.

Policy and procedure writers, reviewers, subject matter experts, and approvers participate in a policy life cycle workflow regardless of their physical location. Help healthcare workers deliver a high standard of care through policy and procedure testing, risk assessments and audits.

Clinics & Outpatient Care

Private practitioners balance professional judgment and regulatory compliance when delivering patient care. Consistency in care management, transparency in communications and evidence-based needs assessments help build and preserve community trust. Policies and procedures management systems reduce the effort required for compliance and reduce the risk of error. Increase efficiency and reduce cost through better documentation processes and audit preparation.

Nursing, Residential and Long-Term Care

Organizations providing nursing, residential and long-term care often have rapid turnover and short staffing. Delivering consistent and compliant care can be difficult. With an online policy and procedure management system, compliance officers track distribution, receipt and acknowledgement of all documents. Risk assessments help identify problems for remediation. Make it easier for healthcare workers to access documents at the point of need, improving the care provided.

Non-Profit Healthcare Groups

Many non-profit organizations—hospitals, clinics and other facilities—serve underserved communities and depend on donations and volunteers. These organizations often struggle with new technology and regulations. Cloud-based policy and procedure management is low cost, frees IT resources and saves valuable time by streamlining creation, revision, approval, distribution, testing and acceptance processes. Get audit-ready by tracking all document history, distribution, test results, and acknowledgements.

  1. 1

    Keep up with new rules and regulations.

    Healthcare rules are constantly changing. Streamline creation, revision, approval, distribution, acceptance and testing processes so you can stay current.

  2. 2

    Effective policy rollout.

    Coordinate creation. Target distribution to individuals or groups. Test for understanding. See acknowledgements in real-time. Follow up with targeted notifications.

  3. 3

    Easy Auditability.

    Retain previous versions. Perform internal risk assessments. Schedule automatic reviews. Track policy and procedure compliance metrics. Generate audit reports.

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