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ComplianceBridge makes it simple to manage policies and procedures.

Up-to-date content
Users always have instant access to the most current version of policies and procedures. Document editors, reviewers and stakeholders collaborate on one central version.

Targeted distribution
Send new policies & procedures to exactly who needs them. Define by individual, groups and distribution lists. Notify users when tasks or documents are assigned.

Proof of due diligence
Keep records of who has read, tested on and signed off documents. Set automated reminders. Prove policy currency, distribution effort and attestation status.

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Policy Management

Automate Policy & Procedure Management

Streamline creation, revision and distribution processes. Enforce uptake through automatic notifications, reminders and escalation. Require testing and acknowledgement. Review results in real time. ComplianceBridge improves efficiency throughout the policy lifecycle.

Centralized, archived content
Store policies and procedures in one central online location, accessible via the Internet. Link regulations, forms and other documents to policies. Keep old versions for reference.

Easy access
Make it simple for employees to find policies and procedures they need. Provide links to related documents. Save your employees valuable time in locating current documents.

IT independence
Eliminate IT hardware, software, installation and support costs. Use a secure web-based solution for maximum efficiency.

Check Out Our Latest Features

  • Automated workflow

    Streamline creation, revision, approval, distribution and reporting. Ensure regular policy update with built-in review dates, expiration dates and reminders. Document editors, reviewers and stakeholders collaborate on one central version. Use templates to enforce format consistency.

  • Version management

    Maintain all historical data in a lifetime archive. Show the current version by default. Display differences between versions on command. Set auto-review dates and expiration dates to ensure update.

  • Robust access control

    Limit access by group and role. Assign specific tasks based on expertise, duty or department. Link policies, procedures and document relevant to them.

  • Approval staging

    Automate who receives a document for approval and when. Let one group of recipients see the document and approve or reject it, before other groups. Move documents forward as they are approved by each group; terminate the process if they are not. Notify groups only when their approval is needed.

  • Digital test and signature

    Require users to acknowledge new policies and procedures. Test their understanding of the content. Escalate as required to ensure compliance.

  • Proactive alerts

    Create and send automated notices when new tasks or documents are assigned. Set reminders and escalations to enforce compliance. Use auto-review dates and expiration dates to initiate content review.

  • Public portal

    Publish content for public consumption. Integrate with your web site. Use this option when you do not need to track user action and content is not proprietary.

  • Fill-in Forms

    Improve creation, distribution and logging of Checklists, Surveys, Request Forms, Safety Analysis, Employee Review or any form you manage. Drill-down on a per-form basis or generate reports by group, individual or specific answer.

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