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Manage the Complete Policy Management Lifecycle

Streamline, Simplify Policy Management Automation

We engineered the most comprehensive management of the entire policy and procedure lifecycle. Simplified and tailored to your business needs, with automation designed into your workflow processes to ensure approval moves quicker and compliance at every stage.

We Tailor Automation to You
We work with you to customize workflows and comprehensive features to simplify your way of doing business.

Watch Real-Time Dashboard Metrics
Review your dashboard metrics in real time to make faster, more informed decisions.

Create, Revise, and Approve Policies From Anywhere
Collaborate, red line, and get approvals on one central document through our Microsoft 365, Google Docs, and HTML Editor.

Enhance Collaboration with Customizable Workflows
Create, Copy, Edit, and Save adaptable workflows for various groups.

Make Policy Approval Collaboration Quicker
Automate Notifications and Reminders to revise/approve policies and automate sending to the next stakeholder.

Streamline Policy Publication and Control Distribution
Set automated controls when publishing policies to multiple groups simultaneously. Individuals or groups.

Employee Automated Notifications and Reminders Speed Up Your Processes
Notify users when tasks or documents are assigned and set automatic reminders to speed up and enhance your compliance results.

Audit Proof Acknowledgement and Attestation
We store records of who has read, taken tests on, and signed off documents. No event, user, or document is ever deleted in our document management system (DMS).


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ComplianceBridge v4.2 Introduces Google Integration & Advanced Automation

This new version comes with several exciting new updates, including improvements to workflow automation and collaboration capabilities, security upgrades, and new integrations.

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Every Subscription Includes...

ComplianceBridge understands the unique challenges that come with managing policies. We’ve spent two decades engineering compliance software that is quick to onboard, simple to learn, easy to administrate, tailored to your workflows, and customized to your branding.

Dedicated 1:1 Support
From day one, a dedicated and experienced Client Success Manager (CSM) is assigned to assist you. Throughout our partnership, they’ll be hands-on and available to help you quickly with any questions or needs. We offer online training options, including one-on-one or group sessions, as well as a video library to help refresh your mind.

Onboarding Tailored to You
We use the “Crawl, Walk, Run” methodology to onboard clients, using one-on-one or group sessions. We help you personalize your application, set up your own dedicated database, craft distribution groups, organize your policies, and build automated approval workflows tailored to each group’s specific processes.

Branded Public Website
Publish your policies to your custom-branded policy website using your logo and brand “tone, look & feel.” You can control access to various sections in your private DMS, allowing your management and employees to view selected policies, procedures, records, reports, data, and documents.

Top-Tier U.S. Security
You’ll get your own database with top-tier, multi-layered security with regular penetration testing and daily backups on U.S. servers. We are always updating security, including more secure encrypted links, advanced threat detection, 24x7x365 incident response, and compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR mandates.

Product Bundle Discounts
Bundle Dynamic Workflow Forms, Conflict of Interest, Risk Assessments, Risk Audit, Incident Management Reports, Corrective Action Plans and more.

Check Out Our Latest Features

  • Import & Create Policies

    Import your documents, create new documents, sync from Microsoft 365, Google Drive/Docs, PDF, and convert to HTML for webpages.

  • Adaptable Workflows

    Develop a Workflow for one group then save, copy, and create a different workflow tailored to another department, group, or location.

  • Automated Approval

    Streamline the review and approval of policies and procedures. We'll automatically send the document to the next stage for stakeholder approval.

  • Control Document Publishing

    Easily create and set controls to manage multiple distribution groups and disseminate documents to multiple groups at the same time.

  • Fully Customizable

    Your own managed codebase allows you to tailor our policy and procedures platform to your organization’s exact needs with multiple workflow solutions.

  • Microsoft & Google Integrations

    Collaborate, red line, and get approval decisions on one central document through our Microsoft 365, Google Docs, PDF, and HTML Editor.

  • Automatic Reminders & Renewals

    Use proactive alerts with automatic review, expiration dates and reminder notifications to advance approvals to ensure policies remain current.

  • Version Control & Document Management

    Store every version of a policy in a lifetime archive. Show the current version by default. We also add our unified Document Management System (DMS).

  • Dashboard Metrics & Reporting

    Watch your dashboard metrics in real-time to make faster, more informed decisions. Export results to use in reports or for further analysis in other applications.

  • Acknowledgement & Comprehension

    Require acknowledgment and assign assessments to ensure understanding. Escalate reminders to supervisors for increased efficiency.

  • Proof of Due Diligence

    Track every change, approval, and read receipt within your policy documents. Easily demonstrate compliance to stakeholders and auditors.

  • Branded Public Website

    Create a fully accessible and branded public policy website display your policies and procedures. We match your brand tone, look & feel.

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