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Data security is job one for IT. In most organizations that puts IT on par with physical security in responsibility for its very existence. Maintaining security requires that everyone in the organization understand and follow all the rules for passwords, document retention, acceptable use, fair use and mobile device use and more. They must know the steps to follow in the event of a security breech or intrusion detection. Policy and procedure management is the most common way to communicate these rules.

Digital Procedure Management

Policies and procedures are of great importance and can consume a great deal of time if not well managed. By moving the documents and processes online, IT resources can be conserved. Digital policies and procedures management puts all documents into a secure repository. All versions are archived, with the most current version most commonly accessed. Set reminders to schedule regular document updates, and use the workflow to streamline review and approval.

Authorized employees receive email or text notices when new versions are available. Employees can be assigned to as many groups as required to target policies and procedures distribution. Common groups are by location, job function and security level.

Employees access documents via any device connected to the Internet including smartphone, tablet or laptop. One click on the document link and the employee can start reading.

Managers monitor activity to ensure all employees have read, acknowledged and understood through testing. All user comments, test results and compliance statistics are secured. Data integrity is preserved and confidentiality enforced.

Test for Understanding

Make sure your employees know what your IT policies and procedures mean. Surveys show that as little as 9% of readers understand what IT policies intend to accomplish. Bridge this gap by including a test along with the distributed document. Tests are easy to build, with fill-in answers as well as multiple choice. Use the results to follow up as needed to ensure understanding.

Security Policy Awareness

One of the key compliance goals for IT is to ensure awareness and enforcement of IT security policies. These policies protect individuals, the organization and its customers. With digital procedure management, you can demonstrate that policies are in place and communicated to employees. You can further demonstrate that individual employees passed tests for understanding and explicitly accepted the policies. This evidence-based compliance is simpler, more efficient and more reliable than paper or spreadsheet-based processes.

  1. 1

    Evidence-based Compliance.

    Test for true understanding of IT-related policies and procedures. Track acceptance for 100% compliance.

  2. 2

    Conserve Resources.

    Focus resources on subject matter expertise and oversight. Remove inefficiencies in process. Reduce skill required to find and access relevant policies and procedures.

  3. 3

    Evergreen Policies.

    Proactively schedule revision and updates. Rely on auto-reminders to meet schedule. Keep all policies and procedures up-to-date.

I would recommend ComplianceBridge to anyone. The tool is great for publishing global policies to all your employees and for policies that need to be seen by only a select group. The support team is great to work with. They are there for any questions or training needed. They do an excellent job of walking you through each step of how to publish a policy, create a report, anything you need to do.

Lee Ann Matthews
Business Process Engineer, Business Control Solutions, Broadcast Music Incorporated

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