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Role-based HR compliance system

While some policies and procedures apply to all employees, many are tied to job function and location. Manually tracking who needs to see what at any given point in their career is virtually impossible and certainly time-consuming. With digital policy and procedure management, HR staff can assign individuals to multiple groups, creating a rich set of relationships that then make it simple to get the right documents to exactly the right people.

As employees move through their careers, HR staff simply reassign them to new groups. Notifications are automatically sent, tests are assigned and results gathered. This elegant approach improves efficiency and ensures greater compliance throughout the career of each individual.

HR Policy Management Workflow

HR has its share of paperwork that employees must read and acknowledge. A digital compliance system removes much of the effort associated with this paperwork. The entire workflow is streamlined, from creation to review, approval, distribution, notification, testing and compliance tracking.

Reminders are automatically generated when it is time to revise each document, making it easier to keep them up-to-date. Practical tools and easy-to-use employee self-serve options enable effective administration of employee benefits, attendance, absence and time-tracking functions.

A digital compliance system can eliminate common problems encountered by the HR team. All document versions are accessible, so it is easy to find the policy or procedure in force at a given time. Compliance metrics track who has read what, how they scored on testing and whether they accepted the document.

Policies are easily identified and updated when regulations change. The authoring process is coordinated, helping multiple authors collaborate on a document. Distribution is targeted to individuals and groups so that everyone receives exactly what they need for their role. All policies and procedures are managed in one system, making the look and feel consistent and the search complete.

Management Controls

Policies and procedures foster a safe and friendly work environment for employees and reduce risks of litigation and penalties for the organization. A compliance system controls help management ensure proper distribution of up-to-date documents and compliance tracking. All the information is available to have 100% current documents and 100% compliance.

Digital policy and procedure management empowers managers to tightly control document access. Employees see only those documents relevant to them. This increases efficiency and compliance, because the time spent in review is all time well spent. This level of control also secures documents, making them accessible to authorized employees.

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    Career-Centric Compliance.

    Assign policies and procedures based on roles, locations and other criteria relevant to your organization. Career moves trigger notification of new compliance requirements.

  2. 2

    Up-to-date Documents.

    Set auto-reminders to ensure regular updates. Monitor distribution, testing and acceptance.

  3. 3

    Reduce Errors.

    Ensure access to the latest version. Test for understanding. Monitor results and acceptance.

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