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Local Government
Local Government
Local Government

Cloud-based, local government policy writing software

From counties, states and provinces to shires, villages, boroughs, townships and other municipalities, local governments have a wide range of responsibilities to their citizens. Policies and procedures are an integral part of these localities and managing them more efficiently can have a strong payback.

Cross-Department Coordination

Local governments offer many specialized services. Coordination across different groups like water management, health services and tourism can be cumbersome and time-consuming. With digital policy writing software, coordination is greatly simplified.

Those involved in writing and updating policies and procedures are automatically reminded and collaborate within the policy writing software. Individuals throughout the government are assigned one or more groups such as location and job function. When new policies and procedures are published, those individuals and groups affected are notified. Managers see in real-time who receives each document, whether they passed related tests and when they accept the document.

Effective Policy Communications

Make sure your policies are communicated most effectively. Start by ensuring that personnel have access to the most current version of all policies and procedures. Notify affected personnel when new documents are available. Test their understanding before letting them accept each new document. Provide a feedback mechanism for policy improvement.

Streamlined Workflow

Resources go further with digital policies and procedures management. Review and approval processes are all online. Automatic reminders ensure regular document updates. Create and associate tests with documents and publish as a complete package.

No Added Infrastructure

With cloud-based policies and procedures management, there is no IT equipment or software added to your location. There is no requirement for IT involvement in setup or operations. Everything is handled in the cloud, including setup and support.

  1. 1

    Low IT Overhead.

    Move policies and procedures to the cloud. No equipment required. No special IT knowledge required. No internal setup or support needed.

  2. 2

    Improve Efficiency.

    No lost documents. Easy access for everyone authorized. Fast workflow. Instant distribution. Real-time compliance metrics monitoring.

  3. 3

    Internal Controls.

    Ensure policies and procedures are up-to-date and easily accessible. Monitor distribution, testing and acceptance. Inject transparency into your operations.

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