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ComplianceBridgeâ„¢ Risk Pricing

MCOI Silver Gold Platinum
Pricing Starting At: CalculateContact Us $125/Month $169/Month $239/Month
Maximum End Users Unlimited 500 2500 Unlimited
Phone and Email Support
Weekly Instructor-led Training Webinars
One-on-one Training (First 6 Months) 0 2 6 12
One-on-one Training (Annually Therafter) 0 2 6 12
Managed by ComplianceBridge
Manual Reminders
Copy From Other Assessments
Reporting Unlimited
Automated Reminders
Automated Reporting
Asignment Management
Conditional Questions
My Dashboard (Graphs and Charts)
Question Weighting
Optional Features
Single Sign On N/A N/A Optional Optional
Project Management N/A N/A Optional Optional
Automated User Integration N/A N/A Optional Optional
Risk Rating N/A Optional Optional Optional
Evaluator N/A Optional Optional Optional
Automated Republishing N/A Optional Optional Optional

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