Most Asked Questions about our Policy Software


Why is ComplianceBridge important to each employee of our organization?

ComplianceBridge provides accountability for each individual. Employees who ‘do the right thing’ can be recognized and rewarded. Those who do not can be held accountable – ultimately improving overall productivity. In addition, employees can easily provide feedback on policies and procedures, making them more engaged in the process.

Why is ComplianceBridge important to management of our organization?

Management can instantly see who has received, read, understood and accepted a policy, procedure, rule or guideline. Managers optimize their time by only addressing those who have not complied. Accountability of every employee makes the entire organization more effective.

Why is ComplianceBridge important to the C-level of our organization?

C-level management can rest easy knowing there is an irrefutable, auditable system that ensures due diligence in enforcing corporate policies and procedures.

How can ComplianceBridge™ improve productivity?

ComplianceBridge streamlines the entire compliance workflow, from import, review, approval and release to distribution, testing and reporting. Automatic reminders, notifications and metrics gathering replace unproductive manual systems. Easy access to up-to-date policies and procedures and compliance monitoring makes everyone more effective.

Why is compliance important?

Compliance verifies that policies and procedures are followed. It proves adherence with industry regulation. It improves productivity. It shows due diligence for legal, HR, and audit purposes.

Document Management

Is there a process for managing and reviewing documents?

Yes. ComplianceBridge provides an automated Best Practices process workflow for acquiring Subject Matter Expertise, Expert Advice, and Management Approvals prior to publishing a document. ComplianceBridge is extremely flexible, allowing variations in the process to meet the organization’s needs.

How large can a document (electronic file) be?

The default maximum file size is 15 megabytes (MB). ComplianceBridge can set the maximum limit up to 500 MB upon request. The standard limit for all electronic files is 5 GB.

How do I know that a policy needs to be updated?

Automatic reminders are built into ComplianceBridge. Individuals or groups of advisors can be reminded and re-reminded any time in the future.

How long are documents saved in the policy software?

Forever! Documents can be archived by the owner, but remain in ComplianceBridge policy software for reporting and auditing purposes as long as you are a customer.

Can we restrict who can edit, view and publish documents?

Yes! There are settable restrictions for who can: publish, view documents, edit documents, view compliance data, advise, approve, add members, and run reports.

Can we edit a document after it is loaded into ComplianceBridge?

Yes! The source file can be retrieved and edited with tools such as Microsoft Word, or the HTML-formatted document can be edited directly with the built-in editor.

Are my documents secure?

Yes! ComplianceBridge is hosted on secure servers with redundant power, redundant disks, high bandwidth, and SSL security. ComplianceBridge performs local daily backups and remote, encrypted, weekly backups. ComplianceBridge performs regular “Hacker attack” tests against the servers to identify and minimize risks.

How do I get my documents into ComplianceBridge?

ComplianceBridge can import any type of document from your computer. You can also create documents directly in ComplianceBridge.

Can a document be in different languages?

Yes. Any document can be distributed in multiple languages and to different recipients. Additionally, notification messages, agreement messages, and acceptance words can be localized in any language.

What kind of documents can I manage?

ComplianceBridge can manage virtually any type of digital document (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, Text, Audio, Video). Documents can be policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines, rules, or any other content intended for an individual, group, or groups of employees.


How do I know someone received a document?

The management dashboard displays the percentage of employees in compliance. Authorized users can drill-down to see compliance by group and individual.

How do I control who receives a document?

ComplianceBridge provides hierarchical, flat and virtual groupings to organize recipients by department, job function, language, and other classifications. Documents can be published to any or all groups and sub-groups to reach the targeted recipients.

What if someone doesn’t have or read email?

Email is the primary way to reach recipients. Notifications can also be routed to a supervisor or sent via text message, phone number or to a physical address.

How are my documents distributed?

Documents are distributed via an electronic notification (normally email) sent to the recipient. The recipient clicks on a link to the portal to LOGIN and access the document.

Knowledge Access

How do we know if someone passes or doesn’t pass a knowledge test?

ComplianceBridge records every activity. Each attempt at a test is recorded along with the score and every right and wrong answer. Management can view test results on-line at any time.

How simple or complex can a test be?

Tests and questionnaires can be as simple as one yes/no question or much more complex with an unlimited combination of fill-in-answer questions and multiple-choice questions with up to 5 potential answers each.

Can I do a survey or questionnaire with ComplianceBridge?

Yes! A simple questionnaire or complex survey can be distributed to targeted groups of employees at any time.

When and where do I have access to my documents?

Anywhere and anytime you have Internet access using a browser.

Measurement & Monitoring

How do I get reports?

ComplianceBridge includes a built-in report writer. Reports can be built by ComplianceBridge or an authorized user in the organization. The report writer includes an export feature to Excel®.

Can I get a roll-up of department statistics?

Yes! At any level within the organization, a person may be assigned as a “manager”. The manager role can view all statistics at and below the assigned level.

How do I improve compliance?

By measuring your compliance–who, what, when, and where — you have the knowledge you need to establish and maintain compliance.

How do I measure compliance?

Compliance results are presented in dashboard format, with compliance statistics, drill-down, and drill-around capability.


Can I add new users?

Yes! You can add as many users as you need.


What is the maximum number of users I can have?

There is no absolute limit to the number of users the system can handle. It would be unlikely for every user on the system to login and read the same document at the same time. There may be some delay retrieving a document when a large number of users (thousands) attempt to retrieve the same document at the same time, but due to the nature of random requests this should be extremely rare.

How many of my documents can be stored in ComplianceBridge?

Unlimited! The number of documents stored by your organization is not constrained.

What is the total amount of space my documents can take?

5 GigaBytes (GB) is the total amount of space your documents can take, which is approximately one million average-size documents. An additional 5 GB of space is only $300 per year.

Risk Assessment

Can I use old assessments as a starting point for new ones?

Absolutely! You can keep an archive of all previous assessments. When it is time to make a new one, you can copy or clone an earlier one as a starting place.

Can I export assessment results to Excel?

Yes. Assessment results can be exported in a format compatible with Excel and other spreadsheet and analytics software.

How many assessments can I build?

There is no limit to the number of assessments you can build, publish, score and archive.


Can I display our company logo and name instead of ComplianceBridge?

Yes. Each web page can be branded with your organization’s Logo and Name. Branding is provided for no additional cost.

IT Requirements

Can we auto-synchronize ComplianceBridge users with our internal systems?

Yes. ComplianceBridge can easily integrate with Active Directory, LDAP, and other common repositories of user information. You can select the day and time of synchronization with your internal systems. Your IT department may need to assist in this effort.

What hardware and software do I need on my computer?

Users only need Internet access and a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.). No special hardware or software is required.

How will ComplianceBridge affect my IT department?

Hardly at all! ComplianceBridge users need Internet access via a browser. The IT department may be required on initial setup to access internal systems such as Active Directory or other databases.

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