Conflict of Interest Software from ComplianceBridge

Complete COI Disclosure Process in 5 Steps

Effectively Manage Your Conflict of Interest Policy & Risk

Throw away spreadsheets, tracking emails, and human error. For a low annual subscription, maintain employee disclosures and mitigate the risk of conflict at every level of your organization, from board members to contractors.

All-in-One Solution
Create, distribute, track, and manage conflicts of interest in one easy-to-use platform.

Fast & Easy Onboarding
We work 1:1 or in group sessions to show how easily you can create custom question sets, set up groups, and schedule distribution so no one slips through the cracks.

Create Questions Quickly
It takes a minute to create a question. Use a variety of response types (yes/no, multiple-choice, risk ratings, free text responses, etc.).

Add Conditional Questions
Add secondary and tertiary conditional questions to get the details from the start. Provide external reference materials for a more thorough disclosure.

Weigh Compliance Levels
Score each question and/or answer from 1-10. The system flags users who fall below your acceptable standards of compliance.

Adaptable Question Sets
Develop a question set for one group, save, copy, and make minor revisions tailored to another department, group, or location.

Automate Reminders & Notifications
Set automated schedules of reminders that will continue until respondents have completed and submitted their questionnaire.

Conflict of Interest

New Press Release

ComplianceBridge COI Introduces Supercharges Assessments in v3.0

This latest version of our Conflict-of-Interest management software represents years of development and incorporates new features directly requested by our users. It aims to close the information gap within organizations, facilitating swifter, more informed decision-making.

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Transparent Conflict of Interest Analysis & Reporting

Put the time-consuming process of manually coordinating COI behind you—the creation of assessments, collating responses, performing analysis, and generating reports. Never again forego regular, proactive COI questioning due to time or personnel constraints.

View Your Dashboard Real-Time Results
Watch your dashboard. Drill down to respondents’ responses even before they have been submitted.

Transparency in Reporting
Give evaluators and assigned managers visibility into COI reporting and even view responses from incomplete questionnaires.

Export Results for Further Analysis
Reports can be exported to Excel or CVS for further analysis and presentation for other reporting applications.

Proof of Due Diligence with Audit Trails
Question sets, disclosure history, responses, and reporting are saved, recorded, and easily accessible for simplified auditing.

Automatic COI Renewals
Set auto-republish dates for your questionnaires and receive proactive alerts to re-publish assessments.

Top-Tier U.S. Security
You’ll get your own database with top-tier, multi-layered security and encrypted links, regular penetration testing, and daily backups on U.S. servers.

Streamline COI Management
Using the automation power behind ComplianceBridge Risk, once you set up disclosure frequency, the process practically runs itself.

Fully Equipped Conflict of Interest Software

  • Regular COI Disclosures

    Instantly distribute COI requests to individuals, groups, or departments. Set the frequency at which you wish to send disclosures to your employees, whether it be annually or quarterly.

  • Automated Reminders & Notifications

    Reminders and notifications maintain uptake throughout the process. Employees will be prompted when their action is required. An automated schedule of reminders will continue until they have completed their responsibilities. Notifications will keep managers up to date throughout the process.

  • Approval Staging

    Prior to administering your COI assessments, obtain approval on questions and other supporting information from stakeholders in the organization. Create and update assessments for a variety of circumstances and recipient types.

  • Custom Question Sets

    Quickly build COI questionnaires by utilizing a variety of different question types including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, ratings, yes/no and textual responses. Add conditional questions and external reference materials for a more thorough disclosure process.

  • Audit Trails

    All aspects of the COI disclosure process (question sets, disclosure history, responses, and reporting) are saved, recorded, and easily accessible for simplified auditing.

  • Assign Evaluators

    Assign authorized parties within your organization to review textual responses and grade them as part of the larger COI analysis process.

  • COI Manager Dashboard

    Review and manage your organization’s responses through our dashboard. Dissect COI assessments down to individual questions and answers, identify trends, and export data for further analysis.

  • Flag Low Compliance

    Determine your standards for compliance with COI assessments. Users who fall below your acceptable levels will be flagged by the system.

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