The Standard Operating Procedure Software 911 needed

At Bonner 9-11, an emergency call center in Idaho, Standard Operating Procedures were kept in a binder, signed off on a separate sheet, then scanned into the computer. Bonner 911 wanted to find a simple standard operating procedure software to keep an audit and paper trail.

Juliet, a supervisor at Bonner 911, chose ComplianceBridge because they work with smaller companies, as well as larger ones. Juliet liked that she was able to see the ComplianceBridge videos and get a lot of information from the website.

“Many of the other companies wouldn’t give you anything until you talked to them.”

After working closely with ComplianceBridge staff and becoming comfortable with the software, Juliet says that ComplianceBridge has definitely met their expectations. Now Bonner 911 can send out SOPs to employees, test their knowledge with a quiz, and have them acknowledge that they received and understand the document. Users are able to access SOPs whenever they need. The software is also tracks updates of SOPs and sends reminders when revisions need to be made.

Juliet says that the customer service has been “top notch” and that the prices are very reasonable. She is able to call or email her account manager and receive quick responses.

“I have even made a couple of suggestions for the software and they were implemented within a few days. I really wasn’t expecting to get much or that quick of a response, based on the customer service I have received from other companies in the past.”

Juliet has also made requests so that the standard operating procedure software can better fit their needs.

“If there is something that you would like the software to do, they are very open to hearing the suggestion and making changes to the software. You really can’t go wrong.”

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