Our Compliance Software Solutions Helped Safety-Kleen

Safety-Kleen, a Clean Harbors Company, is a leading provider of environmental services to commercial, industrial and automotive customers and is the largest re-refiner of used oil in North America.

Every year, Safety-Kleen returns more than 200 million gallons of used oil to the marketplace as clean, pure motor oil and associated products utilizing state-of-the-art processes from its three North America oil re-refining plants located in: Breslau, Ontario, East Chicago, Indiana, and Newark, California. Oil re-refining reduces greenhouse gases and heavy metal emissions, is easier on the environment, and transforms oil into a renewable resource.

Safety-Kleen’s advanced re-refining technologies and processes have earned the latest ISO 9001-2008 certification. This relentless commitment to quality helps Safety-Kleen provide the highest performing oil products that meet API, SAE & Military specifications.

The Challenge

According to the Plant Manager at Safety-Kleen’s East Chicago, Indiana oil re-refinery plant, the world’s largest, they have been successfully utilizing ComplianceBridge compliance software solutions in a number of their facilities for more than 3 ½ years.

Prior to bringing in the ComplianceBridge compliance software solutions, Safety-Kleen’s safety record at their oil re-refinery plants was already outstanding. However, management recognized that they were exposed to significant safety as well as operational risks in running these very complex and sophisticated oil re-refineries without having a mechanism in place to ensure that every plant employee had access to all the appropriate policies and procedures pertinent to their job responsibilities and that management could validate that every single employee was current in their knowledge of the plant’s policies and procedures applicable to their roles and responsibilities in the plant.

Thus, the ComplianceBridge application was brought in to the oil re-refinery plants with the objective of ensuring that Safety-Kleen was able to continue to maintain their stellar safety record as well as to ensure an effective and efficient plant operation by providing every plant employee ready access to the appropriate and current plant policies and procedures specific to their roles and responsibilities in the plant, and that that their understanding was both validated and tracked to management’s satisfaction.

The Solution

ComplianceBridge Policy, Procedure, and Compliance software solutions were selected for providing “good-value” for Safety-Kleen. The ComplianceBridge application architecture as a true cloud-based Web Portal application, enabled Safety-Kleen to easily to deploy the application in their oil-re-refinery plant environment.

Additionally, a number of plant employees were not computer savvy, so it was important that the end user Web Portal was capable of being accessed and effectively utilized by all plant employees even those with limited computer proficiency. The ComplianceBridge application certainly satisfied this requirement, with a minimal learning curve even for those plant employees who were the least computer proficient.

The Results

As with the implementation of any new technology there was an initial learning curve, especially for those plant employees who were the least computer proficient. However, the ComplianceBridge application’s, easy-to-use and intuitive end-user Web Portal interface facilitated its use and adoption.

Today, the Compliancebridge application is perceived well and is successfully deployed in a number of Safety-Kleen facilities. The application has satisfied our requirements of having all of our policies and procedures current and available for every plant employee to access at any time.

Management can now for the first time, be confident that every employee is current on their knowledge of the plant’s policies and procedures and that these policies and procedures when updated are readily disseminated and their review and understanding can now be tracked to ensure that as the policies and procedures are revised, the revisions are in fact being read, understood, and applied in the plant’s operations. The value this provides to management is hard to quantify but is a major contributor towards ensuring the effective, efficient, and safe operation of our oil re-refinery plants.

According to the Plant Manager at Safety-Kleen’s East Chicago, Indiana oil re-refinery plant, the greatest value that ComplianceBridge has delivered for us is the capability of testing plant employee knowledge of current policies and procedures, who has taken and passed the on-line tests. This capability closes the loop ensuring that all employees have access to the current polices and procedures and every employee has passed their appropriate tests, possessing a full understanding of the policies and procedures they are responsible for in their role and responsibilities within the plant. Additionally, the ComplianceBridge application has addressed a glaring training requirement here in our oil re-refinery plants.

In summary, according to the Plant Manager at Safety-Kleen’s East Chicago, Indiana oil re-refinery plant,, the ComplianceBridge application is truly a high-value product, it is easy to use and to deploy. We most certainly would recommend the ComplianceBridge application for those organizations who need to ensure that their policies and procedures are effectively disseminated and understood organization-wide.

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