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ComplianceBridgeâ„¢ Intelligent Forms is changing the conversation in data collection. Discover how Intelligent Forms is helping organizations worldwide build forms collaboratively, use advanced form fields to capture the most actionable data, and dynamically route the right kinds of data to the right people.

Comprehensive Form Management Software

Create fully customizable forms for a variety of uses in your organization.

Powerful Forms Builder
Collaboratively build forms utilizing a variety of formatting options, making them as simple or complex as you want. Give all forms a consistent look.

Customizable Form Fields
Use short & long answer text boxes, check boxes and date form fields. Require information needed for submission. Add conditional options for more thorough data.

Review and Approval Staging
After form submission, route to supervisors, managers or Human Resources for review, approval and verification of information.

Intelligent Forms
Intelligent Forms

Introduce Efficiency in Form Management

Simplify creation, distribution, data collection and forms management. Link to supporting forms, policies or other documents within forms. Build in conditional form fields. Automated routing immediately sends to supervisors, managers or HR upon completion. Collect responses in real-time. ComplianceBridge Intelligent Forms delivers a complete forms management solution.

Intuitive Organization
Sort forms into different groups in your library based on their purpose or use. Forms are organized by individual, department or other groups.

Versatile Form Creation
Build forms for a variety of uses including surveys, checklists, request forms, safety analyses or any form you can imagine. Send to internal or external respondents.

Reporting & Insights
All form data is compiled into a report, giving you insights into responses. Easily tally results or progress reports. Reports can be exported for further analysis and presentation.

Full-Featured Form Management Software at an Affordable Price

  • Forms Editor

    Design forms to your specifications utilizing short and long answer text boxes, check boxes, date selections and prepopulated keywords. Designate which fields are required to complete form submission and yield more accurate responses.

  • Dynamic Routing

    Forms will automatically be sent to the next supervisor in a sequence to verify the data collected is accurate and thorough. Stay updated on employee onboarding processes and paperwork.

  • Form Customization

    Customize forms documents to address a full range of needs within your organization including surveys, operational analyses, checklists, employee reviews or any type of form you can imagine.

  • Conditional Formatting

    Create more thorough forms with conditional form fields that will show only when applicable. Add optional form fields for special situations and circumstances.

  • Document Management

    Maintain an organized library of forms by purpose, group, individual, department or distribution list. Filter library on a per-form basis or by respondents.

  • In-Depth Reporting

    Aggregate all form data into easily digestible reports. Review responses as they come in. Drill down to see how respondents answered each question. Export data for use in presentations and further analysis.

  • Living Documents

    Each form is kept on file in our secure system and can be updated on an ongoing basis. Easy and straightforward to add additional content or gather updated responses.

  • Internal and External Recipients

    Single forms created within our form management software can be sent to respondents inside and outside the organization, no user account necessary. Perfect for gathering data from vendors, partners or other third-parties.

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