Powerful Contracts Management Software from ComplianceBridge

Manage the Complete Contract Management Lifecycle

Streamline Contracts Creation

Easily manage contracts for improved compliance and efficiency based on your unique needs:

Collaborative Contracts Creation
Work together with others in your organization to build contracts that meet legal and company standards. Manage document changes. Always have the most up-to-date version.

Control Access
Your clients will only be able to access their own contracts. With layered security, you can control access within your organization, too.

Review and Approval Staging
After contract creation, route to individuals, departments or distribution lists for review, approval and verification of information.

Contract Management
Contract Management

Centralize Contract Management

Build and disseminate contracts in one cloud-based system. Track and manage all versions and acknowledgements. Organize contracts by organization or document type such as purchase orders, proposals or SSAs. Receive automated reminders when contracts require renewal. Archive all content. ComplianceBridge Contracts Management offers a full-service software solution to our users.

Manage Contract Actions
Receive verification when anybody acknowledges or rejects a contract. Reminders prompt recipients to give their responses.

Stay Up-to-Date
Maintain the most current version of each contract while keeping a history of all past versions. Reminders alert you when it’s time for renewal.

Internal and External Support
Regardless of whether the contract is intended for a recipient inside or outside of your company, ComplianceBridge Contracts manages the whole process end-to-end.

All-Encompassing Contract Management Software Features

  • Dynamic Organization

    Organize your contracts by client, organization, vendor type or by the type of document such as NDAs, software agreements, purchase orders or legal documents, Include subgroups to delineate between years or issuances.

  • Layered Security

    A flexible grouping structure allows you to layer access and control who within your organization will be able to view or edit each contract. External clients will only be able to view their own contracts.

  • Workflow Staging

    Update contracts and send via workflows. We maintain the instructions, revisions and approvals for each document. Organize workflows by individuals or distribution lists; can include internal and external recipients.

  • Version Control

    Our system maintains the most current version of each contract and shows the latest one by default. Automated reminders will alert you when contracts are due for renewal or re-issue.

  • Lifetime Archive

    Keep all contracts in a lifetime archive. While the most current version will always be shown to the end user, you will have access to all passed versions and revisions.

  • Notifications and Reminders

    Stay on top of the entire contracts management process. Receive notifications when contracts are reviewed, approved and acknowledged or rejected by the end user. Reminders keep the process moving along smoothly and notify you when of upcoming expirations.

  • Secure Repository

    Keep all of your contracts for your business in a centralized, secure location. Organize all documentation within a flexible system. Organize by name, creation date.

  • Contract Creation

    Contracts can be collaboratively created and edited. All changes will be tracked. Six metadata fields allow for robust characterization and organization. Create instructions for acknowledgment or rejection.

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