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ComplianceBridge Introduction

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ComplianceBridge provides a secure, reliable 24/7 repository for your critical policies and procedures. Workers have immediate online access to exactly the documents they need. Compliance officers and managers know when employees have read, understood and signed off on critical documents. ComplianceBridge automates the entire document workflow and ensures accountability. Save time and money. Use our policies and procedures software to control, manage, measure and report on your compliance.

Document Creation

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ComplianceBridge makes it easy to create and revise policies & procedures with just a few clicks. Set the document type and use a template, existing document or import a document for a fast start. Add a questionnaire or test. Create agreement text and options.  Require attachments, set categories and send through a review and approval process. Distribute to exactly who you want. You control how documents are created, reviewed, approved, distributed and revised.

Testing & Questionnaires

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Tests and questionnaires can be associated to a document or standalone. Tests are graded, while questionnaires are for feedback. Enter instructions and then create questions. Test questions can have up to 5 answer choices. You set the correct answer. Questionnaires can also have fill-in fields. Add as many questions as you want. You can see and edit your test before distribution. When you distribute, users are prompted to take the test or questionnaire. Users can immediately see their test scores and manager can also see test results. Summary reports show results from all users. Advanced reports can also be generated.

Review & Approval

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Seek advice from subject matter experts, managers and others. Define approval teams in advance for easy distribution. Send locked documents for approval and feedback. Send unlocked documents for edit and comment. Optionally lock some sections of unlocked documents. Notify advisers automatically. Advisers add comments, approve, reject and edit depending on your settings. Review metrics including which advisers have not taken action. Automatic reminders prompt advisers to initiate and complete their review.

Publish Document

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Our policies and procedures software provides several publish options. You can replace an older version, which is automatically archived. Set a future publish date and expiration date. Flag the document for automatic review prior to expiration if you choose. Publish to groups, subordinate groups and even cross-functional groups. Include a message and optionally select an automatic email notification.

End-User Access

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Document access is simple with ComplianceBridge. Categories and search make it easy to find documents. Users can mark their favorites for quick access. They can also see reference documents, advisory documents and documents by type through the portal. When new documents are distributed, end-users receive an email notification with a link to the document. After the user reads the document, ComplianceBridge automatically prompts for a test or questionnaire if there is one. The user then acknowledges the document, adds comments and submits. The document is then available in their portal.

Monitor & Measurement

(Runtime: 1:54)

View metrics and schedule reminders. See metrics for all documents within a group. Roll up metrics shows overall results. Drill down to see details on who has viewed, taken a test and accepted new documents. Drill down on test metrics for results, answers and comments. Send immediate or scheduled reminders, including an optional message. Repeat and escalate reminders. Advanced reporting is also available.


(Runtime: 4:13)

ComplianceBridge includes robust reporting, enabling a comprehensive view of compliance. Run regular reports on groups and documents. Create new scheduled and ad hoc reports with ease. Select fields for report columns. Refine group and document fields to specific subsets. Filter data to narrow results. Apply subtotals and totals as needed. Run reports or schedule them for future execution.

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