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ComplianceBridge Writes a New Chapter in The Book on Compliance Software With Risk Assessment 3.0

Written by Risk Management Team on September 7, 2022

STATELINE, NEVADA — September 7, 2022 — ComplianceBridge, the engineers who wrote the book on compliance software, announce the release of Risk Assessment 3.0 with many enhancements to our already impressive, all-in-one risk assessment management software. Our innovative software teams continue to build bridges to compliance, engineering the complexity to simplicity. This version makes our comprehensive approach even more simple, quicker to learn, and easier to administrate. This very cost-effective application saves time while it tackles risk audits with increased efficiencies, in-depth reporting tools, and allows additional customization to fit the needs of various assessment projects. 

“This new, updated version of Risk Assessment by ComplianceBridge has been years in the making,” explains Bill Harrison, co-founder and CTO of ComplianceBridge. “It includes an array of new features requested by users that will help them  bridge the gap between those in an organization with the information they need to make better decisions quicker and easier.” 

In addition to a new interface and a more advanced graphics package, Risk Assessment 3.0 allows organizations to easily: 

  • Supercharged Assessments: Assessments can be built from a template or completely from scratch. Questions can be weighted for numerical analysis. Assessments can be constructed quickly, simply and efficiently. Size or complexity of assessments are easily managed.
  • Distribute Assessments: Users can define exactly who needs to receive assessment data in real time. Automated notifications go to individuals, groups and departments, or across continents.
  • Delegate Questions to Other Users: Individuals or groups have the ability to reassign questions. When they choose to delegate responsibility to others, all activities are automatically tracked, including their revisions and updates to assessment parameters.
  • Analyze Responses in Real-Time: Assessments can be analyzed as they happen from any internet device. You are able to see how individual questions have been answered to improve risk management, even before the respondent has completed the assessment. It gathers the data into segmented graphic displays you select on your dashboard.
  • View Detailed Reporting: Enhanced comprehensive reporting tools allow you to evaluate risk at a granular level. All stages and activities of the risk management process are saved and recorded for future auditing reference.

ComplianceBridge engineers have given users an enormous amount of freedom in designing questions for respondents, while simplifying the ability to use a variety of question types. To enhance data analysis, specific questions can be weighted to make more accurate scoring while applying conditional logic. With these assessments, users have the ability to pinpoint risks and determine the control measures your company should implement.

“For those risk professionals searching for a faster and easier way to conduct risk assessments, our software equips them with the tools they need to automate data collection and analysis, while making it easier to provide more comprehensive data to help management make better decision quicker” says Dave Caroll, Senior Sales Director at ComplianceBridge Risk Division. 

For more information, please contact us for a demonstration, to show the simplicity of the new interface, innovative features, dashboard graphic enhancements and provide more specific explanations tailored to your need. 

About Risk Assessments by ComplianceBridge

Built in collaboration by Silicon Valley IT security software engineers and industry-leading compliance professionals, ComplianceBridge provides an end-to-end enterprise software platform that bridges the gap between people and the information they need most. Risk Assessments by ComplianceBridge allows customers to create, distribute, track and manage risk audits and assessments with a suite of integrated solutions such as conflict of interest management, automated workflows, and customizable reports. The company’s flagship policy and procedure management product serves over 100,000 people globally with more than 10 years of engineering and three million lines of code. Together, these products enable ComplianceBridge to be the ‘one-stop shop’ solution for compliance and human resource professionals. 

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