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Streamline 340B Program Self-Assessment

The success of the 340B Drug Pricing Program depends on rigorous internal auditing by covered entities. Whether you’re a hospital, pharmacy, or other type of covered entity, ComplianceBridge helps you streamline and automate these processes.

Build Question Sets
Collaborate with program experts to create audit questionnaires to meet your specific needs. Utilize a variety of question types to improve the quality of responses.

Manage Respondents
Distribute question sets to key personnel in your organization. Assign particular questions and sections to different personnel depending on role, location or other group identifiers.

Analyze Results in Real-Time
As recipients answer questions, you can monitor answers as they come in, anywhere and anytime. Automatically collate and analyze data to spot issues.

340B Audit Management
340B Audit Management

Take a Targeted Approach to 340B Compliance

ComplianceBridge brings all of your 340B audit procedures and processes into one, cloud-based location. Deploy resources more effectively, ensure accountability, and maintain an organized auditing process. We offer a powerful, low-price audit solution for covered entities!

Automate Self-Assessments
Make paper-based audits a thing of the past. Efficiently create, schedule, distribute, analyze responses for every audit. Export results for reports and presentations.

Prove Due Diligence
Work on a consistent interface with a complete historical record of all audit activities. See how questions were answered, down to an individual level, and spot changes over time.

Hardware & Hassle Free
No IT infrastructure. No installation. No software updates. No configuration. Totally hassle free. Use ComplianceBridge across your organization to manage 340B compliance.

Automated 340B Compliance Management at an Affordable Price

  • Customizable Compliance Audits

    Develop risk-based audits to evaluate compliance with 340B requirements. Use a variety of question types: multiple choice, rating scale, yes/no and fill-in questions. Create conditional questions and weight questions for a better quantitative analysis.

  • Intuitive Workflow

    Streamline the creation and distribution of audits. Collaborate on the development of question sets, distribute to key personnel, and track incoming results. Notifications, reminders and escalations move the process along.

  • Delegations

    Grant individuals or groups the right to reassign questions. They choose whether to pass responsibility to others. All delegations are automatically tracked. Always know who has delegated and who provides the response.

  • Central Repository

    Program Integrity is vital to the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Keep all audit material for your organization in a centralized, secure location. Organize all documentation within a flexible system.

  • Data Visualization Tools

    Review responses as they come in. Drill down to see how personnel answered each question. Intuitively display results and export them for further analysis in other applications and use in audit reports.

  • Audit Trails

    ComplianceBridge maintains a complete historical record of your auditing efforts. Question sets, distribution history, responses and audit reporting are all easily accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Question Weighing

    Assign relative values to questions for use in numerical analysis of results. Weight potential answers—even in multiple choice questions—to add precision. Remove potential bias by hiding weights from respondents.

  • Sub-Audit Assignments

    Identify key personnel who will have familiarity with the purchasing and administration of pharmaceutical drugs. Assign individuals, departments or specific facilities to questions, sections or whole audits. Fine tune who responds to what to leverage your experts.

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