Discover The Full Policy Management Lifecycle in 8 Steps

Policy Management 8 Step Lifecycle Feature List

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on February 14, 2024

Manage the Entire Policy Lifecycle with ComplianceBridge

We engineered streamlined, flexible, and efficient solutions for managing the entire policy lifecycle. Tailored to your business needs, our automated processes ensure compliance at every stage. Adaptable workflows encourage collaboration with programmed approvals, keeping the process going. We modify a series of comprehensive features designed for you to help make creating, updating, distributing, and obtaining policy acknowledgments easier. With our 1:1 dedicated support, you can confidently navigate the entire policy management journey.

Top-Tier U.S. Security: You’ll get your own database with top-tier, multi-layered security, encrypted links, advanced threat detection with regular penetration testing, and daily backups on U.S. servers.

Step 1: Import or Create

Import or Create Your Policies From Anywhere

Customize your policies to your unique needs and your brand. Experience how our robust functionality and feature set make managing policies easier.

  • Create or import your own policy templates
  • We’ll help you import and organize all of your policies
  • Sync your policies from Microsoft 365 and Google Docs
  • Convert Microsoft Word documents to rich HTML automatically
  • Organize policies into a multi-leveled table of contents and site menus
  • Automatic link updates ensure the latest version of any policy or reference document
  • Link to internal and external policies
  • Immutable data: we never delete policies, users, or actions
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Step 2: Configure Your Workflows

Configure Adaptable Workflows To Your Processes

Facilitate digital collaboration on your policies with fully-adaptable workflows that include notifications of tasks and approvals. You can easily manage and track progress, allowing everyone to work together better.

Create, edit, duplicate, and manage workflows tailored to any department, group, or location. Set your reviewers, including editors, commenters, and approvers. Then, set your notification, approval, and distribution settings for each workflow.

  • Determine your multi-tiered approval workflows
  • Within your review stages, select approvers, editors, and commenters
  • When an approval stage approves a policy, it’s automatically sent to the reviewers in the next stage
  • Trigger role-based notifications in your workflows for temporary positions
  • Manage automatic reminder notifications to advance approvals faster
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Step 3: Collaborate on Policies

Accessible and Automated Policy Collaboration

Streamline document sharing, review, and approval of policies and other business documents. If an approval stage receives clearance, we’ll automatically send the document to the next stage for stakeholder approval.

  • Review documents online with role-based reviewers
  • Make revisions to the document in their review
  • Sign-off on the policy for distribution
  • Leave contextual comments on the document
  • Automated notifications help you monitor collaboration in real-time
  • Escalate comments to supervisors for additional feedback
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Step 4: Get Policies Approved

Get Policies Approved Quicker, with Better Feedback

Increase the speed of policy management by determining the triggers for policy approval. Documents can be approved when (1) all approvers approve the document, (2) when the first approver approves the document, or (3) when an approver is bypassed by an administrator. Get notifications when approvers make decisions or comments.

  • Get real-time notifications on approval decisions or comments
  • Determine reminder alerts when assigning tasks or documents
  • Users always see the most up-to-date version
  • Compare versions side-by-side to spot the differences
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Step 5: Take Your Policies Live

Publish Your Policies and Control Distribution

Easily set multiple controls when publishing policies from a centralized document management system (DMS) to create efficient dissemination and ensure compliance across your organization.

  • Create and manage multiple distribution groups for policy dissemination
  • Disseminate policies to one or many distribution groups at a time
  • Within distribution groups, you can target sub-groups, individual users and/or selected roles/positions to receive policy notifications
  • Manage notification schedules within distribution groups when policies are published or updated
  • Schedule automatic policy revision options designed to keep the approval process moving
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Step 6: Engage Your Employees

Test & Verify Receipts from Your Employees

Provide proof of your organization’s due diligence by ensuring policies are acknowledged and/or understood throughout the organization. Automatic reminders to users accelerate your response time and increase compliance ratings for audits.

  • Track status of acknowledgments and attestation completions in real time
  • Optionally create robust tests to gauge policy comprehension
  • Your tests can be made up of multiple question styles, including multiple-choice, open-ended text responses, true/false, and yes/no
  • Keep records of who has read, tested, and acknowledged documents
  • Include reference links in your policies to increase comprehension
  • Send additional reference and follow-up materials anytime
  • Immutable data: no system event or document is ever deleted
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Step 7: Manage Your Employees

Put Policy Follow-up on Auto-Pilot

Automation reduces administrative burden and enhances policy adherence. You can automate reminders, acknowledgment notifications, and policy review updates, ensuring policies are never overlooked and remain current.

  • Stay updated with automated notifications when new tasks or documents are assigned
  • Determine preset alerts for reminders and escalations to supervisors
  • Use proactive alerts with automatic review and expiration dates
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Step 8: Build Your Reports

Monitor Your Performance and Export Your Results

Proof of your due diligence comes by tracking policy compliance and generating comprehensive reports for analysis. With our dashboard, you can access performance data and make informed decisions to enhance policy management and overall compliance.

  • Access a variety of reports in your dashboard and see results in real-time
  • See a log of system events and the most recent activity
  • Real-time statistics on viewed policies, tested or acknowledged
  • Create and export customizable report data models
  • Data on demand to write, run, and schedule automated reports
  • Multiple variables to create and view results
  • Document management system (DMS) stores all business documents
  • Search all DMS content with keywords and phrases 
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