Upcoming Webinar: 18 Decisions to Writing Policies and Procedures

Upcoming Webinar: 18 Decisions to Writing Policies and Procedures

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on March 5, 2014

ComplianceBridge is pleased to announce it has teamed up with the leading policy and procedure expert, author, and consultant Stephen Page, to host a webinar “18 Decisions to Writing Policies and Procedures”. In this webinar, Stephen will go over 18 key decisions that need to be made before creating policies and procedures and/or before revamping a policies and procedures program. These 18 steps will ensure your policies and procedures are consistent, accurate, logical, and meet the needs of the customers and users BEFORE these documents are published, communicated, and trained. Visit Stephen Page’s website at www.companymanuals.com for more information about Stephen’s credentials.

Some topics covered:

  • What activities need to be accomplished before writing policies and procedures?
  • Who writes and publishes policies and procedures?
  • How is the content laid out in a consistent and logical manner?
  • Where should policies and procedures be published to ensure the best visibility and compliance?
  • And much, much more…

What: 18 Decision to Writing Policies and Procedures
When: March 27th, 2014 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST
Who: Stephen Page, Policy and Procedure writing author and expert

Take the webinar and be eligible for a significant cost savings for the author’s 5-book set on writing policies and procedures.

Author Bio – Stephen Page, CRM, PMP, CSQE, CFC, MBA

Stephen Page is an experienced, hands-on, policies and procedures expert. He has authored five books on this subject (www.companymanuals.com). He has been writing policies and procedures for the past 38 years, in the trenches writing policies and procedures for organizations in dozens of industries. His extensive hands-on experience is what sets him apart from most policy authors and experts. He has an MBA from UCLA and is a Certified Records Manager and Project Management Professional.

He sells his books and talents in more than 124 countries in bookstores, associations, colleges, social networking sites, and from his own website. He has served in the roles as Policies and Procedures Development Manager, Records Governance Manager, Business Continuity Director, Quality Manager, Communications Manager, and other Governance-type positions.

Stephen has worked in large companies such as Boeing Aircraft, Litton Industries, Eastman Kodak, or Nationwide Insurance. He has also worked for companies as small as 60 persons. His primary goals in these companies were to set up policies and procedures programs (or to make improvements upon existing programs). Management, auditors, government agencies, associations, and others alike applaud his work.

Stephen uses his experience from other disciplines to write and improve policies and procedures. This “hands-on” experience includes but is not limited to: ISO Quality Standards, Value Engineering, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Capability Maturity Model Integration, and many others.

Sponsor Bio – ComplianceBridge[PS1]

ComplianceBridge, the maker of ComplianceBridge™, is a policy and procedure management software solution. ComplianceBridge manages the entire policy and procedure workflow- from creation, to edit, review-approve, publish, revision, archive, and much more. The software will also track end user metrics, such as who has read, taken and optional test or questionnaire, and signed off on your critical documents. ComplianceBridge can be customized to meet dozens of workflow needs [PS2] from a variety of industries- including Healthcare, Finance, Government, Education, Retail, and more.

ComplianceBridge helps numerous organizations, in all lines of business, centralize their policies, procedures, and other critical documents in one easily accessible location. Easy collaboration, effective version management, organized distribution, and comprehensive reporting are just some of the benefits ComplianceBridge offers its clients.

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