Superyacht Operating Systems Teams with ComplianceBridge

Superyacht Operating Systems Teams with ComplianceBridge to Launch ComplianceBridge™ Software System

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on July 9, 2014

Online documentation group Superyacht Operating Systems (SOS) was founded in 2012, by superyacht captain David Clarke, who himself has served for over 20 years in the superyacht industry. He developed the concept to assist captains and crew in contending with the increasing demands of regulatory compliance

He has built a free to use online library of over 280 high quality, user-friendly operating policies and procedures is being utilised by over 1,200 working superyacht crew on vessels up to 160 meters.

Now by teaming up with ComplianceBridge a company based in Silicon Valley that provides web-based solutions and services, he has launched ComplianceBridge, a low cost, comprehensive onboard administration system that enables Captains and department heads to effortlessly maintain information consistency, document control, human resource compliance and record retention for class and flag audits.

It is a single integrated onboard solution that provides full lifecycle document management, automated notifications and reminders, online knowledge access with testing, questionnaires and irrefutable acceptance confirmation, as well as real-time compliance visibility.

For yachts that require policies, procedures and employment documents, the free to use SOS document library is fully customizable for an individual yacht or an entire fleet.

The system automatically tracks and records that documents are distributed, read and accepted by the appropriate crew members. Built-in reports provide management with clear, real-time metrics of all onboard compliance documents by department, crew member or period.

It offers a solution for Captains and HODs who are confronted with endless paperwork generated from the increased regulations that have been placed on them over the last ten years. Not only does it provide visible onboard management metrics, it ensures crew member accountability and overall organizational efficiency through effective document control and real-time compliance management. This affords the Owner, Yacht Manager and Captain much-needed peace of mind in terms of liability and management control.”

The software is compatible with all Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. It is easily downloaded and integrated within a yacht’s server and backs up to a secure shore side location. All onboard documents and data can by synchronized with the yacht’s head office or management company.

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