Start Managing Policies, Procedures and More Online Today!

Start Managing Policies, Procedures, Training Materials, New Hire Forms, and More Online Today!

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on April 8, 2015

HR Managers are tasked with juggling all sorts of company documents- be it new hire forms, training materials, legal compliance documents, company policies, or job procedures. These files need to be located, delivered, signed off on and understood, with all records stored- for every employee! On top of that, all documents need to be easily to locate, up to date- as well as reviewed, updated, and approved at the appropriate time.

The ComplianceBridge™ Policy & Procedure Management Software Solution by ComplianceBridge has one centralized repository that will centralize and manage the entire document workflow. The system will automatically ensure all users are delivered the appropriate content, and take them through the process of reading, testing, and signing off on all documentation. Updates to existing content are done centrally within the software, while all collaboration, review, and approval is managed within the framework.

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