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ComplianceBridge Risk 2.0 Introduces New Levels of Automation and Customization for Risk Directors

Written by Risk Management Team on January 2, 2019

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 2, 2019 ComplianceBridge announced today that ComplianceBridge Risk 2.0, featuring advanced reporting tools and assessment assignment options, is now available for general release.

ComplianceBridge Risk 2.0 contains new features that allow compliance and risk officers, directors, analysts and managers to create, send and conduct risk assessments with higher accuracy, increased flexibility, and at faster rates. It also introduces automation to risk management. Users can now send assessments to respondents automatically at predefined frequencies.

A new evaluator role improves measures of risk by allowing selected users to analyze answers in assessments. Evaluators determine the accuracy of textual answers and assign a weighted rating to each response. This new role gives assessments a greater level of flexibility to examine and manage risk at the level of the individual.

ComplianceBridge Risk makes the lives of risk managers a lot more efficient,” says Bill Harrison, CEO of ComplianceBridge. “Now, more than ever, you can easily collect your data, turn it into knowledge, and know your risks. No other application allows organizations to automate the risk management process like ComplianceBridge Risk 2.0.”

First launched in March 2018, ComplianceBridge Risk is an impressive, all-in-one risk management software that has already empowered organizations worldwide, and processed thousands of risk assessments. With the launch of the new version, this comprehensive, modern application tackles risk management with increased efficiencies, in-depth reporting tools, and additional customization. It gives users an enormous amount of freedom in designing questions for respondents, including a variety of question types, and weighting specific questions to improve scoring and applying conditional logic. With these assessments, users have the ability to pinpoint risks and determine the control measures your company should implement.

“This tool significantly reduces the costs of calculating risk,” says Nathan Perumal, Vice President of Risk Management Services. “For decades, compliance officers managed risk manually using Excel, which is costly and time-consuming. SaaS tools have also been introduced in the past five years, but they come at a high cost. ComplianceBridge Risk enhances the entire process at a lower price point than our competitors. The product is truly in step with the culture and offerings of ComplianceBridge.

ComplianceBridge Risk takes every step of the risk assessment process out of Excel and into a cloud-based software solution. Organization, documentation storage, distribution, notifications, assessment building, testing, surveys, analytics, and audits are all managed by the Risk product.

Adopting ComplianceBridge Risk for your organization comes with several key benefits:

  • Easy Rollout: Assessments can be constructed quickly, simply and efficiently. Size or complexity of assessments are easily managed.
  • Entirely Customizable: Assessments can be built from a template or completely from scratch. Questions can be weighted for numerical analysis.
  • Targeted Audience: Users can define exactly who needs to receive assessments, such as individuals, groups and departments, or across continents.
  • Delegation: Individuals or groups have the ability to reassign questions to SMEs. When they choose to delegate responsibility to others, all activities are automatically tracked.
  • Up-to-the-Minute Analytics: Assessments can be analyzed as they happen from any device. You are able to see how individual questions have been answered to improve risk management, even before the respondent has completed the assessment.
  • Detailed Records: Excellent reporting tools allow you to evaluate risk at a granular level. Every stage of the risk management process is saved and recorded for reference.

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