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Risk Management Tool now Available for General Release!

Written by Risk Management Team on March 15, 2018

CUPERTINO, California — March 15, 2018 — ComplianceBridge today announced that their Risk Management Tool is now available for general release.

ComplianceBridge is a comprehensive Compliance Risk, Audits, and Assessments Management Software Solution. Designed by practicing compliance officers, the purpose of the tool is to automate the Compliance Risk Assessment and Management process. The software allows you to create and manage a broad range of question sets, distribute them to organizations or appropriate individuals who may directly answer assigned questions or further delegate questions to appropriate individuals, and collect and organize information in real-time dashboards and reports.

The ComplianceBridge solution is flexible and dynamic, allowing you to conduct a wide range of user surveys such as:

  • Compliance Risk Assessments
  • Employee surveys, or job performance reviews
  • Data/Information collection from employees, contractors, clients, vendors, or anyone else
  • Conflict of Interest questionnaires

ComplianceBridge allows you to create any question set that requires a response from an individual or organization.

ComplianceBridge provides some key benefits for individuals conducting Risk Assessments, or other data and survey collection.

The main advantages gained through the ComplianceBridge Risk, Audits, and Assessments Management solution are:

  1. Automated Risk Assessments (Time saved conducting assessments). Assessments may be sent out to individuals electronically who are then prompted to fill out or delegate the appropriate questions and sections. Data is scored electronically, saving time collating results.
  2. Reduce paper chase and manual processes. Leave behind the old days of binders, manual answering, scoring, and disorganized paper or electronic files.
  3. Easy to conduct assessments across a variety of locations, or conduct multiple assessments. Send an assessment out to multiple locations or individuals at the same time. Conducting assessments across a variety of locations is simple. Data can be collected via smartphones or tablets to ensure maximum flexibility when responding.
  4. Instant feedback and up to date compliance results. Organizations may instantly see the results of their assessments. This data can be displayed in comprehensive reports and visual dashboards. Get real-time status updates of your organizations compliance score as new data comes in from the organization.
  5. Accountability, as individuals are delivered the assessment and responsible for answering it. Reminders may be set up, and escalated to ensure action is taken in a timely manner.
  6. Simplicity in setup and installation. The system was designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. Get up and running on the cloud based software instantly, and start creating a questionnaire in minutes. No IT resources needed to start on the software.

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About ComplianceBridge

ComplianceBridge is a privately-held SaaS software company whose flagship ComplianceBridge™ suite of products features Policy and Procedure Management and Risk, Audit and Assessment Management. The company is based in Cupertino, California in the heart of the Silicon Valley with access to the latest technologies and developers. The ComplianceBridge management team is composed of auditors, security professionals, project managers, and corporate lawyers who understand today’s compliance challenges.

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