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ComplianceBridge Announces ComplianceBridge Release 3.5

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on January 23, 2018

Release 3.5 Brings Upgraded User Interface > New Message Board Facility > Plus much more!

23 January 2018

ComplianceBridge is pleased to announce Release 3.5 of its ComplianceBridge™ Software. The base upgrade is free of additional investment for all current users, as it is included within your licence fee. This latest iteration of ComplianceBridge makes the software even more user-friendly, and incorporates user feedback received over recent months to bring a new level of functionality to the platform. Some of the key features of this update include:

  • Upgraded Portal User Interface
  • eMail template and Keyword Descriptions
  • Stand Alone Forms
  • Webinar Listing in Portal – allowing free user access to the growing library of training webinars

Upgraded Portal User Interface

ComplianceBridge has updated and streamlined the Portal user interface with improved graphics and fonts. The color strips at the top and bottom of the page are easily modified by ComplianceBridge, let us know if you would like us to match your company logo. Just send us an email with the Hex Color code.

Upgraded System Settings User Interface

ComplianceBridge has improved the System Defaults user interface on the System Settings tab in Administrator. The new look and feel includes all setting placed in similar categories, a description of the setting and your current setting. Also, setting that can only be modified by ComplianceBridge are displayed in grey with a description. Let us know if you want any of them modified.

eMail Template and Keyword Descriptions

Included in Version 3.5 are descriptions of the eMail templates and what functions they are used for. Also, eMail keyword (variables) are described for your reference and notification is provided as to which eMails they are used in. Use them to customize and give a professional look to your eMail notifications issued by the platform.

Stand Alone Forms

ComplianceBridge Forms now includes the ability to send Forms without the requirement to Log-in to the application. A link is generated for each user at the time of Publish that contains user ID information. A click of the link displays the Form and when submitted the information is maintained under the user ID for reporting, etc. This feature greatly increases the click rates for Forms as the user experience is greatly simplified. • Form Approval Routing Forms now include the ability to be routed to supervisors and others for approval, then routed back to the end user automatically. They can now be easily used for things such as equipment requests, vacation requests or travel authorization.

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