How to Automate the Policy Review Process (eBook) | Download Free

Beyond the laborious process of creating and distributing documents, all organizations face the issue of updating, informing employees and improving compliance. In fact, keeping policies current can be one of the hardest tasks for many organizations. Fortunately, there are ways to streamline and automate the policy review process. From setting up review triggers to creating committees and targeting distribution, organizations are discovering just how technology can help improve the entire policy review process.

In this ebook, we provide ten steps to automate the policy review process. In each step, we’ll explain the importance of the concept, and show you how you might implement the step in your own organization. Believe us, your review team will thank you.

You’ll learn:

  • Why triggers are crucial for policy review
  • What part committees can play in policy review process
  • Why surveys help rovide a needs assessment
  • How to control the review process
  • Where track changes become useful