Guide to Managing Policies Written in Word and Other Formats | ComplianceBridge

Microsoft Word continues to be one of the most popular word-processing tools for business. Even as web-based writing tools such as Google Docs become more popular, however, there are many limitations to using these platforms to manage your organization’s policies and procedures.

Sharing documents between users, version and source management, process control and record keeping are only a few of the things Microsoft Word can’t help in policy management.

In this ebook, we break down 10 core principles for maintaining control and efficiency when managing policies written in Word and other formats. Following these principles can help you ensure strong policy management in your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How to provide open, authorized access to policies
  • How to properly maintain every version of every policy
  • The importance of document source management
  • Why some content should be locked
  • How to conduct role-based editing
  • How to define and follow a revision process