Features of a Policy & Procedure Software Solution

Features of the ComplianceBridge Policy & Procedure Software Solution

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on October 1, 2014

Policy & Procedure Management

The ComplianceBridge™ Policy & Procedure Management software enables users to manage, track, and report on any policies, procedures, and other business critical documents or information. Back-end workflow is controlled through the software’s document creation, edit, collaboration, review/approval, publish, and revision features. Notifications prompt end users to read, take a test or questionnaire, or sign off on documents published to them. Email reminders and alerts can be configured for users who have yet to take action on documents or for documents that need revision. All current and historical metrics are easily reported and monitored.

How ComplianceBridge P&P Management can benefit your organization:

Central Workflow Functions

Centralized Repository

One centralized location to manage policies & procedures, as well as other business critical Documents. All content is stored in one on-line location, accessible via the internet, with no additional software installation required. Data is in a consistent format, organized in an easy to locate manner. Content is easily searchable, saving your employees valuable time. No more decreased productivity due to lost or hard to find documents.

One Location for Collaboration, Edit, Review, & Approval

Document editors, reviewers, and stakeholders can all collaborate on one central version of the document. Target individuals for editing, review, and approval, whose changes will be made on the one central version. Never again have multiple versions of the same document floating around, with versions lost or multiple edits that cannot be

Targeted Distribution of Documents

Target specific departments, individuals, or the entire organization. Notify users when tasks or content relevant to their job duties are disseminated. End-users will receive only the content relevant to them, logically walking them through the steps of reading, testing, and acknowledging documents. Eliminate your employees having to sift
through clutter not meant for them, increasing efficiency.

Manage, Track, & Record End-user Metrics

Keep records of all users who have read, tested on, and signed off on documents, along with user comments or other feedback. Set automated reminders for users who have yet to take action on documents. All metrics are displayed in an easy to user dashboard, broken down by group, or viewed with comprehensive reports. Historical data is retained- protecting your organization against litigation and maintaining a paper trail.

Manage Versioning & Update Policies

Versioning allows all historical data of a document to be maintained in a lifetime archive, while only displaying the most current live version to your employees. Differences between versions are easily tracked and displayed for users. Set up reminders, auto-review dates, or expiration dates to manage and ensure content is up to date.

Comprehensive Reporting

Utilize reports to enhance your organizations knowledge of anything related to policies, procedures, compliance, and knowledge of company content. Automated the sending of them- so management can receive them in their email at the start of each week, as an example. The ComplianceBridge powerful reporting feature can report on anything including:

  1. A set of documents about to expire
  2. End-user metrics- who has read, tested, and signed off on documents
  3. Advanced testing metrics, broken down to each users specific answers and test score.
  4. Lists of users who have yet to take action on documents.
  5. A global map of documents and the individual(s) responsible for them.

Role Based Access

Limit or expand access to users by group and role. End-users may only see the content in any groups they are a member of. Document creators, editors, advisors, and managers can be given specific access depending on their expertise, job duty, or department.

Additional Workflow Options

Standalone Tests or Surveys

Manage standalone tests, questionnaires, assessments, or surveys. Send periodic assessment tests, information gathering questionnaires, annual employee job satisfaction surveys, or anything else to your employees. Manage employee responses within an easy to view dashboard or reports, broken down by group.

Synch with Client Database for Automatic Import

Have your employees automatically added, removed, or updated within ComplianceBridge to limit the management of the ComplianceBridge system. Any system that can produce a flat file can synch with ComplianceBridge, to ensure your users are added and placed into the appropriate group(s).

Public Portal

Publish content to a public portal, accessible without a user login or password. This option is ideal when you are not looking to track End-user actions relating to documents. Integrate the public portal into your existing website to have published content directly appear to your web visitors.

Contact Employees via Email or Text Message

Contact your users via email or text message anytime. Contact individuals, specific groups or departments, or the entire organization. Utilize ComplianceBridge to facilitate the two way communication with your user base.

Manage Unlimited End-user Contact Data

Maintain an unlimited number of custom user data fields for your users. Have ComplianceBridge double as your contact management system. Contact data may be updated via automatic imports, broken down by data type and class. Produce automated reports to display data.

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