What Organizations Need for Proper P&P Management

What Organizations Need for Proper Policy and Procedure Management

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on April 5, 2011

In an ever growing, regulated, remote business world, the days of paper and file are becoming as archaic as Hotmail and dial up modems. Organizations that take their time to adopt are significantly falling behind their competitions increased efficiency, improved process, and reduced risk from implementing a policy and procedure software solution.

However, not all policy and procedure management solutions are made equal, there are a number of important characteristics that any solution should possess so their users can stay ahead of the cure.

If your organization is not currently employing an in the cloud software solution, you must ask yourself:

  1. Do your important policies and procedures get stuck in the review and approval process?
  2. Can you track and mange employee compliance on your important documents?
  3. Is it easy to update, replace, and distribute newer versions of existing policies and procedures?

Any effective Policy and Procedure management software solution will:

  • Contain an easy way for employees to retrieve their policies or procedures
  • Show only the most current version available for the end user.  Also, it should easily allow policy and procedure managers to update and replace older versions of the policy.
  • Automate the review and approval cycle, so that your policies and procedures can get reviewed and approved by your subject matter experts before publishing.  It will allow organizations to easily set up groups of subject matter experts to give advice on business critical documents.
  • Utilize versioning of important policies and procedures.  The solution should automatically update the versioning, as well as be used by the end user, to help with document retrieval.
  • Establish a distribution mechanism to make sure the right people get the right policies.  Create groups to differentiate which members of your organization receive policies, procedures, training manuals, and all other business critical documents.
  • Set in place a tracking mechanism to ensure that your end users receive, read, understand, and sign off on the policy.
  • Implement an automatic reporting feature that will shed light on your organizations compliance performance for any or all specific documents.

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