ComplianceWeek: '10 Tips For Better Policy Management'

ComplianceWeek White Paper: ’10 Tips For Better Policy Management’

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on August 15, 2013

Our friends at ComplianceWeek have published a new White Paper titled ’10 Tips For Better Policy Management’. This is a valuable read for all you policy authors and policy managers out there. The 10 tips here:

Tip #1: Designate policy owners to avoid policy gaps

Tip #2: Link policies to company values and ethics

Tip #3: Maintain consistent policies across the entire organization

Tip #4: Generate policies with employee input

Tip #5: Integrate policies and training

Tip #6: Keep policies and protocols separate

Tip #7: Write policies that preserve management’s discretion

Tip #8: Preserve flexibility with disciplinary action

Tip #9: Track incidents back to policies

Tip #10: Review policies

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