ComplianceBridge Proudly Announces ComplianceBridge Release 4.0 With Online Office 365 Integration

ComplianceBridge Proudly Announces ComplianceBridge Release 4.0 With Microsoft 365 Integration

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on March 3, 2020

CUPERTINO, California — March 03, 2020 — ComplianceBridge™, a leader in cloud-based policy management and risk assessment products, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of ComplianceBridge™, Release 4.0. ComplianceBridge is currently evaluating beta users for the new version and expects it will be available to the general userbase by mid-March. The release provides several significant enhancements including Microsoft 365 integration, DocConverter Pro integration and improvements to Intelligent Forms. ComplianceBridge 4.0 also comes with numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

ComplianceBridge 4.0 gives our customers a more seamless and fulfilling experience while using the platform,” says Bill Harrison, CTO of ComplianceBridge. “We strive to provide users with the best solution possible, and after a lot of hard work, we’re proud to share 4.0 with the public.”

The base upgrade is included in the annual license fee for all current ComplianceBridge customers. Among the updates both current and new customers can expect are:

  • Performance Improvements for Statistics: Updates to “Refresh Stats” to show user acknowledgement in the Director module have vastly improved performance for use in reporting for audits and accreditation.  
  • Linking Improvements: All five distinct linking options are now fully supported on our platform. These include linking to an external webpage, to an external file, to an internally stored file, to a ComplianceBridge document and from an outside webpage or file to a ComplianceBridge document. 
  • Compare to Previous Versions Improvements: Various versions of a document will now display in the online editor and show complete user and timestamp information.

ComplianceBridge 4.0 also comes with several exciting new features that both current and new customers can opt into at a modest addition to their annual license fee, as well. These include:

  • Microsoft 365 Integration: This new integration provides Microsoft 365 integration capabilities to users without the added administrative overhead of uploading and downloading Microsoft documents in order to edit them. The Microsoft 365 integration provides several key benefits:
    • Straightforward publishing of Microsoft documents to end users without the need to create a PDF version of the document.
    • A seamless integration that allows for changes to be made to Microsoft documents inside of ComplianceBridge and automatically saved.
    • The elimination of potential formatting issues when moving from Microsoft products to HTML.

To take advantage of the Microsoft 365 integration, ComplianceBridge users who edit and create content require a Microsoft 365 Business Basic license through Microsoft. Standard end users do not require the license. Click here to review and or purchase Microsoft Business Basic.

  • DocConverter Integration: For users that prefer the advantages of working in HTML, this integration provides the ability to easily convert from Word to HTML with a simple selection on the revision process. Advantages include:
    • With a single command, easily convert Word documents to HTML, replace the PDF link and populate the online editor with converted HTML.
    • Initiate new document libraries by uploading Word or PDF files. Convert to HTML as you modify your documents.
    • Fully realize the benefits of advanced linking capabilities, including auto-updates when linked documents are modified.
  • Intelligent Forms Improvements: We’ve also made significant updates to our Intelligent Forms application. New features include: 
    • Standalone Forms: This feature allows you to generate a Form and send it out to all selected users. As no user login is required to access the Form, the user experience is greatly simplified. This feature is very useful when communicating with a large end-user audience for applications such as surveys and conflict of interest information.
    • Editable Forms: This feature provides the ability for supervisory personnel to edit or add information to a Form during the approval process. Previous versions allowed only the initial submitter to add information. 
    • Forms Routing: This option adds the ability to have multiple approvers, either in serial or parallel, involved in the approval process. Also provided is the ability to simply route to an individual or require approval as well.

    There are many other bug fixes, performance improvements and enhancements in store for ComplianceBridge users, as well. “These upgrades will improve system performance and enhance user experience across the board,” says Brady Nelson, Director of Client Success at ComplianceBridge. “We encourage everyone to review these new features for themselves, and if they have any questions, please contact our support team for a demonstration and additional information and pricing options.”

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    If you would like to learn more about testing the beta version of ComplianceBridge 4.0, you’re welcome to contact ComplianceBridge today.

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