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ComplianceBridge Announces the Release of Forms for ComplianceBridge

Written by Risk Management Team on August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017 (Cupertino, CA) — ComplianceBridge Corporation, a leader in cloud-based policy management and risk assessment products, today announced the release of Forms for ComplianceBridge. Forms adds a dozen new features and supports all major data entry types including checkboxes, vertical radio buttons, text fields, text blocks, numerical fields, date fields, and attachments. Forms is also directly integrated into ComplianceBridge, allowing admins to forward results to supervisors for approval, create automated reports, and require acknowledgments.

“We are in an exciting period of growth as organizations increasingly turn to cloud-based solutions to address compliance pressures,” said Bill Harrison, CEO of ComplianceBridge. “Our focus is always on delivering the best solution for each client. Adding Forms to our ComplianceBridge solution will enable our customers to create elegant solutions to their compliance and risk assessment processes.”

The latest version of ComplianceBridge adds Forms Management to its existing library of functions. With Form Management, users can be assigned forms customized from the ground up to include a variety of question and answer types. ComplianceBridge customers now have a powerful new tool to add to the ComplianceBridge suite, improving the creation and management of checklists, request forms, safety analysis, and more.

Forms may be entered once or multiple times based on the selections chosen at publication. All results are viewable on a per-form basis, with an easy-to-access drill down accessible to the form manager or other authorized personnel. Reports can be created to show results among specific subsets of the form or entire contents. Forms can also be linked in a policy to provide quick access to gain end-user input.  Finally, Forms can be routed through the workflows inherent in ComplianceBridge for management approval..

About ComplianceBridge

ComplianceBridge is a compliance and risk management cloud-based platform that is intuitive and easy to use. With over 10 years of research and development invested into ComplianceBridge, the platform is built to last. Using secure servers with redundant power supply and hard drives, SSL security, frequent local and remote backups, and encrypted data, ComplianceBridge is always delivered securely.

About ComplianceBridge Corporation

ComplianceBridge makes cloud-based policy management and risk assessment products that eliminate IT dependency and speed adoption. The company is based in Cupertino, California and in the heart of Silicon Valley, with access to the latest technologies and developers. The ComplianceBridge management team comprises auditors, security professionals, project managers, and corporate lawyers who understand today’s compliance challenges.

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