New 'Risk, Audits, and Assessments Management' Tool!

ComplianceBridge Announces New ‘Risk, Audits, and Assessments Management’ Tool!

Written by Risk Management Team on December 1, 2014

ComplianceBridge™ Risk, Audit, and Assessment Management solution by ComplianceBridge is a simple, intuitive and powerful new tool designed to help you proactively conduct risk assessments and audits that identify, assess, and manage risks. ComplianceBridge’s ease of use, integration, customization, and scalability is designed to address the needs for large and small organizations. ComplianceBridge provides you with powerful real time monitoring and dashboards to help you prioritize, mitigate, and manage compliance, assessments, and risks.

With the ComplianceBridge Risk, Audit, and Assessment Manager, you will be able to:

  • Get a real time understanding of organizational risk
  • Receive feedback and critical information from grass roots individuals within an organization
  • View risk at a global organizational level, by department, location, team, or individual
  • Manage and mitigate risk with greater clarity

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