Take Charge of Your Policies and Protect Your Assets

ComplianceBridge Announces Expert Event: Take Charge of Your Policies and Protect Your Assets

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on March 5, 2011

Industry experts will discuss best practices in policy and procedures management to reduce business risk and protect organizations and its assets

Who: Thomas Kay, CEO of Pinnacle Intertech. Bill Harrison, CEO of ComplianceBridge
What: An online webinar titled “Take Charge of Your Policies and Protect Your Assets”
When: Tuesday, March 22, at 10am PST (1pm Eastern)
Where: Sign up here
Why: To learn how to establish a more robust policy and procedure management for their organization.

Thomas Kay, CEO of Pinnacle Intertech Inc., will share best practices to effectively manage policies and procedures to protect your organization and its assets. Mr. Kay and his company are the forefront of IT Governance, SOX and IT compliance and they have tremendous experience in designing and implementing policy and procedure processes for small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies.

Bill Harrison, CEO of ComplianceBridge, will display ComplianceBridge™, which encompass the best practices in policy and procedure management to improve efficiency and gain organizational compliance. Mr. Harrison is a certified IS auditor. He and his company have worked with numerous companies in a variety of fields to get a handle on their policy and procedure management, to increase productivity, and reduce the risk of disastrous litigation.

This webinar will include:

  • Secure sponsorship and appropriate management support
  • Draft a “library” list of possible policy candidates
  • Prioritize the policy list to match business requirements
  • Develop one or two at a time and secure approval before continuing
  • Ensure that affected employees / managers have acknowledged new policies / policy changes
  • Review all policies to insure that they are current / relevant at least annually
  • Register: “Take charge of your policies and protect your assets”.

About Pinnacle Intertech, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Pinnacle Intertech Inc. is a management and technology consulting organization with a successful philosophy and unique background of talent and expertise. Our belief is that the primary keys to a successful project are strong executive sponsorship and a solid understanding of business requirements prior to defining a direction or selecting a software solution. As we assist our clients in focusing on these solid foundations for a project, very few other issues or obstacles prevent the ultimate success of the project. For more information, please go to http://www.pinnacleii.com.

About ComplianceBridge, Inc.
ComplianceBridge Corporation provides web-based policy and procedure management solutions and services that leverage an organization’s existing strengths and resources to maximize compliance and improve corporate and IT governance. The company’s flagship product, ComplianceBridge, “bridges” the best practices of compliance, policies and procedures and document management and combines them into a comprehensive, high-value, easy-to-use solution. For more information about ComplianceBridge, please go to http://ww.compliancebridge.com or subscribe to our blog at http://blog.compliancebridge.com.

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