ComplianceBridge Reveals a New Look With ComplianceBridge 4.1

ComplianceBridge Reveals a New Look and Feel With the Release of ComplianceBridge 4.1

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on April 6, 2021

CUPERTINO, California — April 6, 2021 ComplianceBridge™, a leader in cloud-based policy management and risk assessment products, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of ComplianceBridge™, Release 4.1. This new version comes with several exciting new updates, including the debut of a new, customizable user interface and a more mobile-friendly experience. Users will also see various performance improvements as well.

ComplianceBridge 4.1 includes a brand new look and feel from all previous ComplianceBridge products. The new interface, designed over a period of several months, focuses on increasing the speed of policy management, enabling straightforward organization and streamlining user journeys. 

“Our new release will offer the same powerful policy and procedure management system, just in a more modern, accessible layout,” explains Bill Harrison, CTO of ComplianceBridge. “Our goals were simple: improve efficiency on our platform and give our users a more enjoyable user experience.”

Here’s a sneak peak:

The new UI gives organizations the ability to customize their dashboards. The background, links and images can all be modified to match the colors of the organization. This capability adds an element of personalization to a platform already so integral to a company’s internal management and compliance.

Additionally, ComplianceBridge 4.1 features responsive screen resolution. This enables users to easily view the dashboard on several different screen sizes, from a smartphone all the way to a desktop monitor. 

“With a more mobile-friendly interface, employees will be able to access policies and procedures with ease wherever they are,” explains Harrison. “This will further improve efficiency and employee uptake throughout the policy lifecycle.” 

In addition to numerous functionality and performance enhancements, this new version also incorporates the latest release of the CKEditor 5 which provides advanced editing and linking features for HTML-based clients. ComplianceBridge has installed the new release at numerous beta sites for initial client review.  The company expects ComplianceBridge 4.1 to be available to the general user base later this month.

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