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Building a Compliance Training Tracking System Online

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on September 6, 2018

With today’s technology, the initial hiring process has never been faster. Websites such as LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter exponentially increase the power of our networks, enabling us to find the right candidates in record time. But that initial whirlwind often comes to an abrupt stop upon hiring. Onboarding employees is both tedious and time-consuming for everyone involved. Code of conducts, e-mail rules, dress codes, and other on-site policies are just the first in a marathon of texts that must be read, acknowledged, and sometimes signed.

While some onboarding tools have been able to speed up the process, the sheer number of variables to track—especially in larger organizations—has made tracking impossible. Enter a new breed of solutions built from the ground up to cover the entire policy management lifecycle and enable the creation of a complete compliance training system with online tracking.

What is compliance training software?

Recall the last time you went through a company’s onboarding process. Many of those documents you signed and read had elements of compliance training associated with them. For some industries, compliance training involves only a handful of items. For others, like healthcare, nearly every aspect of the employee’s role in the organization is detailed and planned ahead of time.

Compliance training software aims to transform most of the manual steps into automated ones. For instance, rather than evaluate your knowledge of the company’s policies and procedures with an oral or written quiz, you could instead take the quiz online. The benefit of such an approach is the logistical streamlining. An integrated compliance training software will be able to automatically track each individual in the organization and where they stand within the onboarding process. This becomes even more important when the company has distributed locations.

Picture this: After distributing each policy and procedure document to your new hire, you can also send along a set of quizzes within the same system to verify that your new hire knows all the important details to perform appropriately. With the results of these quizzes in your hand, you will help maintain compliance and improve the speed and accuracy of your internal compliance auditing.

What are some important features to have in compliance training software?

Beyond distribution and exams, good compliance training software enables you to perform all major aspects of the policy management lifecycle within the same platform. A policy lifecycle starts from the import and creation phase, where you initialize the policy details and begin compiling its contents. The next phase is review and approve, where you send out the draft of the new policy to stakeholders for approval. After the document is approved, you move on to the publish and notify phase whereby the document is distributed. The last three phases are view and acknowledge, reminders, and reports.

All six phases of the policy lifecycle share some important elements. First, they all rely on automatic tracking and the ability to know where a document is at any given time, what is its status, who has received it, who has approved it, who has read it, and more. If you are looking to build a compliance training system online, then your first step should be to integrate deep, automatic tracking.

With an automatic tracking system, you will be able to have a top-down view of all the documents your new hire has received as well as each document’s viewed and acknowledged status.

Implementing compliance training with ComplianceBridge

Now that you know what to look for in compliance training software, here are some additional features that you can leverage with ComplianceBridge. ComplianceBridge is produced by ComplianceBridge and offers a deep configurable templating system that handles all the styling and formatting as well as all the collaboration. Rich built-in collaborative tools such as version control, messaging, notifications, and reminders ensures that your staff involved in putting together training material do not work over one another. The platform is made with different people with different roles in mind to enforce consistency so that each person focuses on what they do best.

ComplianceBridge has over a dozen test metrics that you can use to configure your exams, enabling you to control everything from the passing grade to the granularity of your conditional questions. Every visual aspect of the test is also configurable, enabling you to create a streamlined, professional experience for your new hires.

Onboarding doesn’t have to be hard. With a tool like ComplianceBridge, you will have the ability to quickly distribute all the necessary documents to your new hires and track their progress through the onboarding phase and even produce reports from quiz results for compliance and auditing purposes. ComplianceBridge is a regularly updated online platform that is constantly improved based on user feedback. Some recent updates such as a new form approval routing and stand alone forms enable the creation of even more powerful, flexible tests for your organization.

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