Is Your Company Moving to Post Pandemic Operations?

If you’re feeling torn about whether or not you should let employees return to the office amidst the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. Companies across the country and around the globe are trying to determine the best approach to returning to normalcy that keeps everyone safe and protects your business from undue risk. 

It’s important that companies lead the way, setting policy and laying out clear procedures and guidelines for their employees if they want to create a safe, productive workplace. One ComplianceBridge customer has done just that. 

The Dilemma 

As one of the five major performing rights organizations in the US, our customer collects licensing fees from businesses who use music on behalf of the musicians, composers, songwriters and publishers who are owed those royalties. They have offices across the country including Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Austin. When the pandemic swept across the US in the spring, it became clear that having employees continue to work in the office was not safe for the time being. 

Now, with a safety plan prepared, it’s time to invite employees back to the office on a voluntary basis. The problem then became: how does a company with roughly 1,100 domestic employees  quickly distribute this information and ensure it’s adequately understood?

Facilitating a Safe Return to the Office

Their COVID-19 Policy and Plan shares information on several key points: manager and officer responsibilities, team member responsibilities, workplace protective measures (including guidance on PPE, cleaning, contact tracing, etc.) and more. It also explains proper mask wearing procedures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus inside buildings. Before any employee was allowed to return to in-office work, they needed to read and acknowledge the policy. 

As a long-time ComplianceBridge customer, utilizing our ComplianceBridge platform to manage policies and procedures is nothing new to them. However, the COVID-19 Policy and Plan called for a quick rollout and fast reporting. To ensure everything was carried out correctly, our customer leveraged ComplianceBridge’s excellent customer support team.

With our help, they were able to quickly add some new licensing to ensure that everyone who needed to received the policy, did. We also helped them create an automated daily report listing all of the employees who have read and acknowledged the policy. This list is provided to security guards on premises. If an employee is not included on the list, they won’t be permitted into the building. 

Currently, the company has a 97% acknowledgement rate, proving that employees have both received the COVID-19 Policy and Plan in a timely manner, and that they are reading it as requested. This also means that they’re able to allow 97% of its domestic workforce back into the office to return to business as usual. 

Leveraging ComplianceBridge

When you have the power of a robust policy management system at your fingertips, you’re able to quickly implement new rules and guidelines on a companywide basis and set new plans of operation into motion. At ComplianceBridge, we’ve seen firsthand how our software has helped our customers quickly implement changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Usually, though, they are policies concerning work-from-home orders and quarantining. Now, these changes can be for the better as businesses determine how best to bring their workforce back to the office. 

ComplianceBridge helps you manage new policies and procedures every step of the way. Collaborate with subject matter experts to create and approve new documents, distribute them to your employees and monitor their reception and acknowledgement. Policy quizzes can be added to enforce comprehension and automated reminders increase uptake. Whenever you hit a speed bump in your policy management activities, our attentive customer support managers are always here to help you get the most out of our software, too. 

If you’re ready to get back to work, request a demo with ComplianceBridge today to see how ComplianceBridge can work for your needs!