Another Argument for in the Cloud Document Management

Another Argument for in the Cloud Document Management

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on January 28, 2011

ConstructionTech argues that in the cloud contract management systems are not only beneficial, they are also the future of the construction industry. We are finding that the arguments professed here are not only consistent across different industries, but they also apply to many different types of policies.

They write:

“Business applications that operate in the cloud are the new face of technology for the construction industry and beyond. For contract document management, the benefits of adopting a cloud-based technology solution instead of sticking with a traditional method can make a big impact on a contractor’s bottomline.”

And conclude:

“Overall, a cloud solution provides better visibility into the nuts and bolts of a construction business, allowing builders and contractors to better manage current projects and leverage centralized data for future planning.”

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