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5 Pillars of Policy and Procedure Management

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on May 5, 2011

The Patient Safety People have posted an article about The 5 pillars of policy & procedure management. While they specifically tailor their discussion to Hospitals, I believe the pillars can run true across any organization.

They list the 5 pillars as: Service, Quality, People, Finance and Growth.

They write:
“If you look at one process of your organization, such as policy and procedure management, as a micro system of the mesosystem, you can apply the five pillars to that work. By doing this you can develop clear goals, and clear goals mean a clear vision. A policy and procedure platform in an organization can be viewed as a service. It is a service to the staff, who need the documents. It is a service to external bodies – like regulatory agencies or attorneys – who need to review them.

  • A goal under the Service pillar might be: to reduce the time to access policies.
  • A goal under the Quality pillar might be: to reduce the number of outdated policies.
  • A goal under the People pillar could be: to reduce policy committee membership.
  • A goal under the Finance pillar could read: to improve staff productivity.
  • Lastly, a goal under the Growth pillar might read: to decrease survey deficiencies.

They conclude:
“Leaders need to think about what it will take to achieve excellence under each pillar. When leaders embrace this principle, it needs to be embedded within the organization in every way. It has to become part of the culture of how things are done every day.”

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