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5 Benefits of a Policy and Procedure Software

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on March 9, 2011

Why should a growing organization take the time to invest in a policy and procedure software? As an organization grows, expands, and faces the ever increasing burden of external compliance- a small organization that may lose a few documents can quickly become a large organization that can get crippled by the lack of a solid organizational foundation.

It has been our experience- working with and talking to numerous organizations- that a policy and procedure software is as essential to an organization as recording and understanding its finances. Its existence will not guarantee success, but it is a prerequisite for success.

On our website, we write 5 major benefits to having a policy and procedure software.

Reduced litigation and liability risks
A global view of compliance allows you to drill down to see exactly who understands and has accepted a specific policy. It represents the best practices in compliance—and your best strategy to reduce the threat of litigation, serious errors, or other risks. Delivers quick access to documentation and reports during audits or other critical situations.

Employee accountability
A policy and procedure software will present employees only the documents relevant to their jobs with automatic notification and reminders eliminate “broken links” and excuses. Irrefutable document acceptance confirmation results in full accountability from employees.

Organizational efficiency and productivity
Your employees have online, 24/7 access to the information needed to improve job performance. Your managers have the tools to monitor receipt of key documents, and even receive feedback on them in order to fine-tune processes.

Quality of service
Eliminates document handling and distribution errors or inefficiencies that result in non-compliance. Version control eliminates wasted time and effort as well as the potential for errors and non-compliance.

Finally control and manage metrics
The unified solution supports all areas of corporate governance, regulation, and litigation support. The comprehensive management dashboard provide global, up-to the-minute views of compliance metrics across the organization

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