4 Benefits of Managing Risk Assessment Questionnaires Online

4 Benefits of Managing Risk Assessment Questionnaires Online

Written by Risk Management Team on April 21, 2015

1) Create a dynamic organizational structure and scale Risk Assessments

Are you sending a Risk Assessment to one department manager, or to multiple organizations across a variety of organizations? It does not matter. Setting an organizational structure will allow you to conduct risk across a small or large domain- with an equal amount of effort. Risk Assessments may be sent to multiple points of contact across multiple locations simultaneously, and let the system notify and collate the data.

2) Electronically set due dates and reminder notifications

When you distribute a Risk Assessment, pre-set points of contacts will receive notifications with a link to respond to the Risk Assessment. Due dates, and built in reminders, can be automated to ensure action is taken by the appropriate time. Tired of following up? The system will do it for you.

3) Answer in the field and delegate responses.

Your points of contact will receive the Risk Assessment electronically. Tablet and smart phone applications allow the Risk Assessment to be answered on any personal or mobile device. Answers can be delegated in just a few clicks to ensure the appropriate individuals respond to the Risk Assessment.

4) Immediate electronic scoring, by Risk Assessment, Section, or Category.

Incoming data will instantly be scored, organized by category, and displayed in reports and graphs, so you can get a real time understanding of, and knowledge about your, organizational risk. Rather than wait weeks or months for results to get in and scored, relevant data that makes your organization more effective can be presented instantly.

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