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10 Benefits of Adopting a Policy Management System

Written by ComplianceBridge Policies & Procedures Team on August 17, 2011

ArticlesBase has a good list of 10 benefits of adopting a policy management system.

The 10 Benefits of Adopting a Policy Management System

1. The Management Board is given a means of providing stakeholders with clear, demonstrable evidence of meeting rigorous governance accountabilities.
2. Compliance and security managers have control over policy communications for the duration of the policy life-cycle process.
3. Potential risks and breaches of policy are highlighted immediately allowing them to be swiftly dealt with.
4. Automated policy life-cycle management allows policy administrators to make instant efficiencies and cost savings as a result of operational inefficiencies.
5. A policy management systems ensures that employees have read, understood and signed up to key policies and procedures.
6. Detailed audit trails provide management with information on the agreement and understanding of new policy.
7. As and when regulatory changes are made organisations can respond dynamically with new policy communications to employees and tracking of their understanding and agreement.
8. Inadequate customer support processes can be identified and corrected.
9. Retain complete visibility and control over policy related risks.
10. Prevent damage to reputation and brand

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