Fast, Efficient Risk Management Software

Proactively manage risk. Conduct risk assessments, audits and surveys. Get a real-time understanding of organizational risk. Gather feedback and critical insight from various levels across the organization . View risk at a global, departmental, location, team or individual level. Easily identify and address outliers. Manage and mitigate risk with greater clarity.

Use TotalCompliance® to rapidly build risk assessments or audits. Design questions of any type in any combination. Break content into categories and sections. Use conditional logic to simplify and clarify questions. Weight questions for improved risk scoring and reporting.


Distribute risk assessments and audits to individuals, groups and distribution lists in any combination. Recipients respond to assessments or delegate to others for answers. Reminders and escalation keep the process moving. View real-time, up to the minute results on customizable dashboards and reports. Score results automatically, saving time and increasing efficiency. Easily export data for additional analysis and presentation.

TotalCompliance is used by organizations around the world

Risk, Audit & Assessment
Risk, Audit & Assessment

Risk assessments made fast and easy.

Automate the risk assessment process with our risk management software. Create consistent question sets every time with TotalCompliance. Define and weight your questions, distribute to your audience and review your results in real time. Gain control and efficiency.

Build assessments in minutes
Long or short. Simple or complex. Always powerful. Create the assessments you need quickly and efficiently.

Distribute instantly with precision
Individuals. Groups. Distribution lists. Define your target audience exactly as needed. Delegation, escalation and reminders boost participation.

Analyze results in real time
Instant updates and drill downs. Automatic collation. Weighted responses. Analyze assessment details as they happen, anywhere any time. Improve performance.

Risk, Audit & Assessment
Risk, Audit & Assessment

Cut costs of risk assessment.

Conduct and manage all your risk assessments, audits and surveys in one centralized service. Automatically enforce the response process. Eliminate expensive IT hardware and services. TotalCompliance is the powerful solution and low price leader.

Secure all-in-one repository
Assessments, surveys and audits managed together in an all-in-one risk management software solution. Consistent interface and audit trail. Complete historical record.

Automated, streamlined workflow
Intuitive creation, collaboration, review, approval, distribution and reporting process. Reminders, notifications and escalation add efficiency.

Zero IT infrastructure (from the customer)
No hardware. No installation. No software updates. No configuration. Totally hassle free. Connect from any device anywhere any time.

TotalCompliance in action

  • Risk, Audit & Assessment

    Build Risk Assessment

  • Risk, Audit & Assessment

    Publish Risk Assessment

  • Risk, Audit & Assessment

    Answer Risk Assessment

  • Risk, Audit & Assessment

    Risk Dashboard

  • Risk, Audit & Assessment

    Risk Reports

  • Risk, Audit & Assessment

    Risk Results

Full-featured risk assessment at an affordable price

Improve your risk assessment process and cut costs with TotalCompliance. Create the assessments and conduct audits you need—quick and easy. Assign respondents and monitor responses in real time. Analyze results and apply insights to reduce risk and improve performance.

  • Fully customizable assessments

    Design assessments to meet your unique needs. Use multiple choice, rating scale, yes/no, and fill-in questions. Create conditional questions that show only when applicable. Weight questions and responses for quantitative analysis.

  • Real-time drill down reports

    Review responses as they come in. Click any element to see additional detail. Drill down to see how respondents answered each question. Export data for use in presentations, analytical tools and other applications.

  • Sub-assessment assignments

    Assign respondents based on your unique requirements. Assign individuals, groups or distribution lists to questions, sections or whole assessments. Fine tune who responds to what to leverage your experts.

  • Delegation

    Grant individuals or groups the right to reassign questions. They choose whether to pass responsibility to others. All delegations are automatically tracked. Know who has delegated and who provides the response.

  • Question weighting

    Assign relative values to questions for use in numerical analysis of results. Weight potential answers—even in multiple choice questions—to add precision. Remove potential bias by hiding weights from respondents.

  • Dashboards

    Oversee the assessment process with detailed graphical screens. View status of assessments in development. Check distribution for assessments in flight. Review assessment results in real time.

  • Intuitive workflow

    Speed assessment creation and distribution using a streamlined, automated process. Easily design a draft assessment, send for review and finalize. Distribute to respondents and track results. Rely on notifications, reminders and escalations to keep the process moving.

  • Conditional questions

    Simplify assessments by revealing only relevant questions. Apply conditional logic to questions that may require additional detail. Display contingent (follow on) questions based on responses. Use conditional questions within conditional questions as needed.

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