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If there is something that you would like the software to do, they are very open to hearing the suggestion and making changes to the software. I have even made a couple of suggestions for the software and they were implemented within a few days. You really can't go wrong.

Supervisor, Bonner 9-1-1

I would recommend ComplianceBridge to anyone. The tool is great for publishing global policies to all your employees and for policies that need to be seen by only a select group. The support team is great to work with. They are there for any questions or training needed. They do an excellent job of walking you through each step of how to publish a policy, create a report, anything you need to do.

Lee Ann Matthews
Business Process Engineer, Business Control Solutions, Broadcast Music Incorporated

100% of those surveyed say that ComplianceBridge Customer Support has 'exceeded expectations'.

Customer Survey, 2014

ComplianceBridge simply works, it does everything it is advertised to do, designed in a way that couldn't be more intuitive to access from an end-user perspective or easier to implement from an IT perspective. It has been so successful here, we take every opportunity to promote the application to other police departments we interact with.

Information Technology Director, Lowell Police Department

We truly believe that ComplianceBridge should be a staple in every law enforcement organization across the United States and even globally, as it truly provides a much needed solution to the challenges facing law enforcement officials everywhere.

Information Technology Director, Lowell Police Department

ComplianceBridge has been a key tool in our overall compliance programs. It allows us to easily distribute policies and procedures to our internal staff and ensures we meet regulatory requirements. I highly recommend ComplianceBridge to any healthcare organization undergoing a compliance process.

Bob Satyal
Technical Services Manager and Compliance Officer, Med Tech Solutions LLC

The greatest value that ComplianceBridge has delivered for us is the capability of testing plant employee knowledge of current policies and procedures, who has taken and passed the on-line tests. This capability closes the loop ensuring that all employees have access to the current polices and procedures and every employee has passed their appropriate tests, possessing a full understanding of the policies and procedures they are responsible for in their role and responsibilities within the plant. Additionally, ComplianceBridge has addressed a glaring training requirement.

Plant Manager, East Chicago Indiana, Safety-Kleen

TotalCompliance is truly a high-value product. It is easy to use and to deploy. We most certainly would recommend [the product] for those organizations who need to ensure that their policies and procedures are effectively disseminated and understood organization-wide.

Plant Manager, East Chicago Indiana, Safety-Kleen

ComplianceBridge has eliminated thousands upon thousands of pages of paper. Using ComplianceBridge for our annual Enrollment and Re-registration process saves us thousands of dollars in postage, printing, and man-power expenditures -- and this is just one of the many annual tasks that we use ComplianceBridge for.

Principal, St. Simon School

I liked that ComplianceBridge was easily customizable to exactly what we needed. It makes the distribution and tracking of critical documents a very simple process.

Sr. System Administrator, Telenav Corporation

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